“The Fall Part 2: Unbound” is launching on all platforms on the 13th of February

The independent developer Over The Moon today announced that its highly anticipated sequel, The Fall Part 2: Unbound, launches February 13th on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, Nintendo Switch™, PC, Mac and Linux.

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ArchangelMike364d ago

I loved the Fall, and I would encourage everyone to get it (it's quite cheap now) and can be completed in relatively short period of time (5-6hrs probably) Definitely worth checking out.

TGG_overlord364d ago

I'm glad to hear it =) I'll give it a go for PC ;)

Neonridr364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

yeah I backed the first game on Kickstarter (I actually get all three games included with my pledge). Really enjoyed it. Dev was even nice enough to let me change my 2 Wii U keys to Switch keys at no extra charge. I may have an extra Switch key upon release if anyone might be interested.. ;)

TGG_overlord364d ago

Oh? Nice =) And good for you ;) That was a very nice thing to do. So props to them for doing that. Hehe, I shall keep that in mind ;)

ArchangelMike363d ago

Hmm... does that mean there's going to be third game in the works?

Neonridr363d ago

@ArchangelMike - that was the plan. The dev said this was always intended to be a trilogy.

The_Sage364d ago

Cool. I'll have to play through the first one again before this comes out.

TGG_overlord363d ago

I hope that you will have just as fun as the first time ;)

Venox2008363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Great game (first game)..cant wait for this one

TGG_overlord363d ago

Perhaps I should sort out a giveaway for the game then? ;)

TGG_overlord363d ago

@ArchangelMike "Hmm... does that mean there's going to be third game in the works?"

- I think so, yes.