PS4 System Software Update 5.05 [18/01/18]

Hi folks System Software version 5.05 for the PlayStation 4 has been released today. This is a mandatory update. To update the System Software using your PS4 go to [Settings] > [System Software Update] and click 'Next' and then 'Update'.

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1nsomniac300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

“Increases performance” - or if we were to be honest. It’s purely just a security patch due to the PS4 being cracked.

It must of been a fairly solid jailbreak as it’s taken Sony quite a while to release this.

Asuka300d ago

Actually if you wanted to know whenever a patch comes out that says "improves system performance" it is most likely just a driver update. ~370MB for a driver update seems about right.

1nsomniac300d ago

370mb isn’t a driver update. The largest driver would be for the gpu however they’re not like their PC counterparts that include UI, languages, settings etc.

This is more likely an OS repackage including security patched kernel etc.

Kirby9890300d ago

There's no incremental patches with the PS4, they're always full updates which is why they're getting slight bigger every time an update is released. The patch size for day 1 retail PS4 would be the same as updating a ps4 on 4.XX or 5.XX

lex-1020300d ago


They did away with that a long time ago on the PS3. I have a hard time believing they'd go back on that idea.

TheUndertaker85300d ago

Dunno why you're getting disagrees as it can be easily found that PS4 firmwares up to 5.03 have a kernel exploit capable of running unsigned code.

Of course things such as that get swept under the rug here because Sony.

Silly gameAr300d ago

Awww, you sound so upset that no one cares. It must be a conspiracy.

Silly gameAr300d ago

Meanwhile, I guess people don't realize that we have to have "so many" stability updates, because someone is always looking for a way to exploit the PS4 to hand Sony an L, but it's usually the legit PS4 owners that catch the L because of these stupid exploits.

rainslacker300d ago

Can you point to the article which was failed to show that it even showed up here?

TheUndertaker85300d ago

@rainslacker: I can point to NUMEROUS articles actually. Ironically as you stated which haven't been posted here. Wonder why that may be...

TheUndertaker85300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

@Silly gameAr: No, a "conspiracy" would involve much more thought and planning. All this constitutes is a community of individuals who enjoy talking other consoles and the exploits available in an effort to make them look weaker while asserting the superiority for their console of choice.

A fact that can be shown and proven not only in this article but a vast majority.

rainslacker299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

If they weren't posted here, then where is the conspiracy within the community? I look at all those links you provided, and I don't see a single one that starts with N4G.

It's not hard to post stuff here, but if it didn't get posted, then no one felt it worth posting....likely because it would be patched fairly quickly.

N4G mods/admin doesn't usually post the content for approval here, although I do believe they sometimes do post articles. That's a community function, and if you want articles like these to show up, then take the rather easy and short test to become a contributor. Then the community can decide if it wants to see these articles. Don't expect everyone to rush out and find every tidbit of information, and don't blame the community as being complicit in some sort of conspiracy to squash this information, when it appears that a lot of people didn't even know about it.

Despite what you may believe, there is no conspiracy between the community here and Sony to squash negative Sony news. I'd wager the most contact 99% of Sony fans here have had with the company go no further than a post within their forums, or with their customer service.....assuming they have had any contact at all. Most Sony fans here don't even have much contact with one another outside these article comment sections, and I've never seen any kind of plotting. There is no subversive movement by Sony fans or Sony within N4G. Anyone who thinks that really needs to get a grip on reality.

Even if the article is posted here, it's likely that not enough people found it interesting enough to approve, but given that it doesn't take much to get approvals on articles, I'm sure that 2-3 Xbox fan boys would get it approved, because that's about all it takes.

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chris235300d ago

must of?
let me guess: milennial?

Mr Marvel300d ago

I’m pretty sure millennials are too busy taking selfies to pay attention in English class.

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cellfluid300d ago

Got mines 2 hours ago...

Retroman300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Got mines 5am this Morning after PSN logged me off YouTube . i'm like : Hey what Happened ?

UltraNova300d ago

Ps4: Oh you were watching that? F*** off, go cry to your mama.


Guyfamily999300d ago

Honestly it becomes a meme at this point but I'm happy with any form of increased system performance (or stability for that matter), I want snappiness and reliability. Wonder if this has to do with spectre though.

munchmiller300d ago

That "stability" and "performance". Look out people, this update increases performance so much, that PS5 won't even be necessary for another half decade now.

Jk. Patching kernel holes of course. No matter, more where those came from.

If nothing else, $ony just did everyone favour if they patched the right ones, as groups will surely release the exploits publicly for higher firmwares now. Thanks $ony.

TheOttomatic91300d ago

Most likely in prep for version 5.50

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