Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.2 Gets New New Screenshots Showing New Features and Mounts

New screenshots of update 4.2 for Final Fantasy XIV show a bunch of new mounts and some interesting new features coming this month.

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MeteorPanda275d ago

That music better be able to be muted by others lol.

Warframe i think was the first to have musical freedom in a bard class, Octavia

PapaBop275d ago

Lord of the Rings online did it before Warframe, not sure if there is anything older than that though. Still didn't even realise Warframe had it, that's pretty impressive.

MeteorPanda275d ago

Yeah it's pretty cool. Didnt know LotR online had it. It's an interesting yet easily abusive game element.

PapaBop275d ago

It worked well in LOTRO, especially on the RP servers. You'd get ingame performers with scheduled times and everything.