Nintendo Labo pre-orders starting to go live on Amazon, GameStop

Pre-orders for the new Nintendo Labo products are going live at retailers.

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Moonman369d ago

And #1 Amazon...the most expensive Robot set $

Araragifeels 369d ago

$80 for a cardboard box is the most brilliant idea. They probably using the un bought WiiU boxes to make this. So is a double win for Nintendo

DwightSchrute01369d ago

Wow can't believe how many dumbasses there are on here. The software aka the game is 70 the box is 10.

U gotta be a Sony fanboy to be this dumb

coolastheycome369d ago

It comes with the game too. I mean common sense would tell you that.

Araragifeels 369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

@DwightSchrute01 Nani? The software can't cost $60 because it doesn't have a worth of a $60 value (just like 1-2- Switch). So both different boxes have more worth than the software. Plus if I am a Sony fanboy (you mean PS fanboy) then why would I owned a Switch, 3DS, Xbone, Gaming PC too. Explain why I still owned hundreds of Pokemon cards that I have collected since elementary school, still owned Pokemon (red, fired red, Crystal, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum, Y, Alpha Sapphire, Mystery Dungeon Darkness, Mystery Dungeon Sky) or owned The Legend Of Zelda (Twilight Princess, minish cap, Phantom Hourglass, Breath of the wild) or owned Metroid ( Zero Mission, Fusion, Prime, Samus Return) or even owned Smash Bros (Brawl, melee) or owned Mario (64, 64 Ds, Kart Ds, and Luigi Partner in time, Odyssey, Kart 7) or why do I still play Mario Party 7 GameCube today with a group of friends and have fun. Explain to me why I am a PS fanboy?

Apex13369d ago

Earth to Moonman, Earth to Moonman!

Highlife369d ago

This is a joke right? Can't wait to see all the old Nintendo Fanboys wearing cardboard backpacks and fishing poles. Or waiting for the parents to complain that the boxes are ruined after spending 70 to 80 bucks for this. Card board not that durable.

369d ago
Prince_TFK369d ago

I want the robot one. Look freaking cool.

Aceman18369d ago

Haha too funny. Seriously though I honestly believe it should just be priced as a regular switch game. This isn't for me, but i wouldn't pay the extra charge for cardboard lol

Relientk77369d ago

Haha I love that Twitter account

awdevoftw369d ago

Wow. Nintendo fans will buy anything. Nintendo is selling used aluminum can headphones for 80 bucks.... lol.

Father__Merrin369d ago

Sorry this is pathetic imo. It's a use once novelty

369d ago
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