Why Nintendo Labo Will Be the Switch's First Bomb

Nintendo's first "Toy Con" has been announced called, Nintendo Labo. These creator kits have everyone talking, but not for the same reason. Is this cardboard accessory going to be the rebounding Nintendo's first big bomb? Why, this big man child of a host , Joseph isn't sold on the idea.

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FallenAngel1984276d ago

It’s bound to happen eventually

UltraNova275d ago

Yeah but its Nintendo...when they are on a roll they ride it hard. I can see this Labo thing talking off simply because Nintendo has all the popularity, or 'cool' factor in the world right now. Do I like it? No its not my cup of tea for sure but me and yoυ my friendwe are the tiny minority compared to Labo's target audience.

275d ago
darthv72275d ago

Bomb could be taken two ways. Bomb as in to crash and burn or bomb as in to explode with huge success. It's already some what of a media bomb... blowing up on social media and word of mouth.

It's def not for everyone but it is a pretty creative thing for younger kids and kids at heart. Hell I was impressed and it made me think back to building stuff with erector sets. Kids today don't do enough with their hands besides tapping on a controller, keyboard or smart device. This gives them a break from that, even for a short time to actually make something that they can then use with their technology at the center.

Moonman275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

It won't bomb just because it wasn't made for YOU. There's a plethora of toys doing quite well without our help. lmao

Poli_Games275d ago

I love these comments, they just prove you didn’t watch it. That was explained Lmfao.

Moonman275d ago

I watched the entire video. I stand by my comment. I would also like to add as you wondered about pre-orders. Labo is #1 on Amazon right

Prince_TFK275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

I also just wanna add that your website has been known to post flame-baiting contents and headlines before, so excuse me for not taking this seriously.

I understand that the Labo is not for you. But that is just it. Not everything has to be tailor made for you or me. There are other people out there. There are different kind of audience out there. We should give it a chance first. People said the Switch will fail and look at how that turned out.

notachance275d ago

it's not targeted for the majority users, it's targeted for kids, even before the reveal they already stated it...

Knushwood Butt275d ago

Kids have 80 Dollars to burn?

Prince_TFK275d ago


So you mean just like kids have thousands of dollars to pay for school? Just like Kids have thousands of dollars to pay for food?

Who pay for them exactly? What a stupid comment.

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Poli_Games275d ago

Awesome, which is why i state right off the bat, if you like it more power to ya. at the end of the video, i say hay we all have different views, its all about the conversation. As for it being number 1 on Amazon absolutely doesn't surprise me one it. Mid january announcement of a new game from the top publisher in the industry. I view it the same as wii fit or wii party. Hits at first, just to almost immediately collect dust at gamestop preowned shelves. No need to be sarcastic we can always be nice to each :)

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Monster_Tard275d ago

Wii Fit sold over 20 million copies and Wii Party sold about 10 million copies, that's far from bombing.

Theyellowflash30275d ago

But Wii Fit and Wii Party are not bombs and sold very well. So a "bomb" is when something fails financially. You seem generally confused on the difference between a bomb and success.

3-4-5274d ago

Not sure POli_Games understands the word bomb.

It's going to be financially successful and it's going to be a huge hit with kids 3-12. That is the target audience and for that audience it will be a success.

I don't want it...I won't be using it, but I can see how it will be good for others, because I'm not selfish and I don't think everything needs to be catered to me like some people on this site do.

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ClanPsi1275d ago

I can't see this actually launching. It'll be like the health sensor thing that just never materialised.

xX1NORM1Xx275d ago

With a release that close the game is done or on its way out the door where as the health sensor never got a release date Andrew was forgotten about. I don't know if you didn't think what you wrote through or you are trolling people.

Tazzy275d ago

I'll go with trolling there was never a video showing the health sensor they showed a video of this it means its coming people should think real hard before typing.

ChickeyCantor275d ago

Are you comparing the mention of a health sensor to an actual video with already realized concepts?

davand114275d ago

It's already on pre-order and it has a launch date. The health sensor was a prototype that was never made into a product. This is a product that is for sale.

Blu3_Berry275d ago

I don't think this will bomb. In fact, I think this is a great idea for Nintendo, and honestly only Nintendo can pull something off like this. It is made for kids, but also it is kinda made to replace the plastic accessories. No more having a Wii Zapper or Wheel made of plastic. With this, it will be much cheaper to make and it should be able to be easily replaced if Nintendo sells these individually later down the road. If kids break them or something, a replacement should cost maybe $15.

That is the main thing people need to understand. This is for KIDS or kids at heart. With the added ability to decorate it with different colors make it more enticing for young kids. I think this is brilliant. People shouldn't underestimate this. Me personally, I could care less about it. But as I said and even Nintendo saying this, it is made for kids or kids at heart.

davand114275d ago

I think more people in the maker community are just going to download the patterns from Nintendo and make the replacements themselves with supplies from a arts & crafts store, but the replacements Nintendo sells should be priced around $10 - $15.

kwijgaming275d ago

It looks both cheap and easy to use. Even if it bombs, Nintendo probably isn't risking much. It could be pretty rewarding selling a person a cardboard box.

Moonman275d ago

To Nintendo's credit, you can replace your cardboard sets for free if it gets damaged (according to reports).

davand114275d ago

Nintendo sells their own laser cut replacements, but they're giving the patterns away for free online, so anyone can download them and make their own.

Poli_Games275d ago

Thats true! It must be a huge profit margin for them on this thing. My father works at a press printing on cardboard, youd be surprised how cheap those materials really are. Great comment!

Gemmol275d ago

Cardboard sets free from Nintendo