There's a new Game Boy coming out and it looks awesome

Prepare to be flooded with nostalgia, as Hyperkin have revealed their reworked version of the classic Gameboy and it looks pretty magnificent.

Labelled the “Ultra Game Boy” whilst in development, the device wonderfully captures the retro feel of the original pioneer of portable gaming.

Aside from a sleek alluminium casing, visually it barely ventures away from the classic design. One glance at it and you’ll be transported to them dark car journeys, squinting at your screen as you tried in vain to make out what was actually happening on your screen.

Being unveiled at CES 2018, the prototype was capable of playing over 1000 games released on the original Gameboy. Which sounds absolutely wonderful, giving you a reason to dig out any old favourites from the attic.

To see more of what was revealed at CES 2018 make sure to check out our video.

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walken71282d ago

They show it for a tiny bit at 1:30 minutes in. Not really worth your time. The pic in the lower left is about what you actually see.