First Look at Nintendo Labo

Get ready to Make, Play and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Nintendo Labo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch. Available on April 20, 2018.

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-Foxtrot274d ago


It's for kids I guess but they are kind of cheap looking. I can't really imagine them working as well as they do in the's like when you saw Mouse Trap being played out as a kid on TV, then when you actually did you failed spectacularly

I would have just made a partnership with LEGO to be honest, imagine little Lego Mario or Zelda toys....hell imagine LEGO Pokemon.

Pancit_Canton274d ago

It's $80 for a piece of cardboard. lol

-Foxtrot274d ago

$69.99 for one

$79.99 for the other

If I had kids I would rather buy them Mario Kart, Super Mario Odyssey or Arms

Monster_Tard274d ago

It comes with software too. I can see this doing well with the casuals.

mikeslemonade274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Flop and not revolutionary. The Dreamcast had a bevy of accessories and more sturdy. Nintendo you are ovrrrated and not innovative.

darthv72274d ago

Several years ago there was a product on the market where you could build a robot and use a soda can and that was kind of gimmicky but it was cool when my kids built them. This is using cardboard but I like to believe it wont take long for there to be 3rd party patterns and creations that go beyond what nintendo has laid out.

Kids have pretty good imagination and even i remember building things with erector sets and capsella kits. This looks cool and make me think back to that simpler times as a kid. today's kids are all about technology so why not bridge technology (switch) with creativity and construction (cardboard).

Cyro274d ago

No, it definitely comes with the software.

quent274d ago

You've Done you're research I see, so $80 just for the cardboard ?

elkaki123274d ago

NOP, they said that you could print your own, so they are selling you "games" (Experimental software)

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Protagonist274d ago

Heh! that partnership with LEGO sounds like it would actually had been a good idea. Now go play with your cardboard Stimpy !!!

-Foxtrot274d ago

Least with the Lego partnership they could have lead up to a LEGO Nintendo game and then used all the Amiibos to their full advantage with the game. Seems like they go together hand in hand.

Prince_TFK274d ago

With Amiibo already as “expensive” as it is (at least based on you N4G people), you gonna want Nintendo to partner up with Lego and potentially increase the price even much higher?

Amiibo is already good enough as it is.

274d ago
IamTylerDurden1274d ago

Remarkably creative and i applaud Nintendo attempting something new but this is cardboard we are talking about, i mean how durable will it be and how well will it work? This is very casual, if u want a racing experience with a peripheral i wouldn't expect a cardboard wheel to be the best. Also, the tailor-made games don't look very good. It's a cute idea but many of the makeshift peripherals have been done better in the past. Rockband, proper racing wheels, motion based gaming with VR. This sort of goes into Wii territory imo.

Brian7655492274d ago

This has all the ingredients of Nintendo's take on Google Cardboard and charging more than they ought to.

quent274d ago

So a rock band set for a six year old ?

Kosic274d ago

I was expecting a massive World of Nintendo game that brought toys to life. With all the Amiibo's.

This cardboard cutout stuff is meant to be expensive and I can't see each device lasting long enough with them being thrown about.

doritos274d ago

it is the worst thing that i think Nintendo has come up with since, it's the worst. here is my thoughts on trying to sell cardboard.

273d ago
Tiqila274d ago

Before I had Kids, I wouldn't have seen the value either.
Now, I appreciate what Nintendo is doing.

Knushwood Butt273d ago

Lol at the Mouse Trap analogy.

Even so, I do actually give them credit for trying with this, even though I feel they got the idea from Tearaway.

At least cardboard is more environmentally friendly than plastic (Amiibo)

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G3ng4r273d ago

Speaking as a partial nintendo fan I see this as a massive misstep. Hopefully this and the shovelware it was designed for doesn't distract them from making actual games.

ocelot07274d ago

Soon millions of Amazon cardboard boxes will be listed on ebay with "compatible with Nintendo Switch" in the title. I have 2 large Amazon boxes and 3 small ones. Will sell them as a bundle for £30 (cheaper than Nintendo).

mcstorm274d ago

I agree it is cool but I see this selling as well as Sonys wonder book esp if the price for the bits are £40 or more. Good to see Nintendo doing something different though.

274d ago
G3ng4r273d ago

Not a thing I'm interested in, I actually cringed a little when I found out this was the rumored big deal about changing the way people play games. But eh, maybe younger fans will be into it.

Atanasrikard273d ago

Let me help your fanboy eyes out... imagine if this was Microsoft.

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Relientk77274d ago

Um ok?

available on 4/20, that'll give you some creative ideas

Shiken274d ago

That was my first reaction as well XD

RpgSama274d ago

As in, you must be high to spend $150 in cardboard boxes

shuvam09274d ago

Couldn't think of a better time to announce this either...
Switch emulator???
Nintendo's like Lol try and emulate THIS!!!!

Mr Marvel274d ago

Well, Nintendo can emulate my money, because they're not getting a cent of it in reality.

Mr Marvel274d ago

It should have been released on the 1st of April as it's a f**king joke.

DanteVFenris666273d ago

It’s also aimed at 4-8 year olds mind you. This is a toy. Not aimed for you. Look like a fantastic father and son activity if you ask me

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