Sega's Mysterious New Game Tease Updated With Intriguing Pictures of Warriors

Sega has been updating its latest and mysterious countdown teaser site with new pictures showing the passage of time and a group of warriors.

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winter_hill366d ago

I'd wager it's a new Shining Force game.

Fullmetalevolust366d ago

I will lose my sh*t if that's the case. I have been waiting for years!!!
If it's indeed a shining force, I hope it's a classic gameplay shining force! Like the ones on the genesis and the saturn (the saturn games being the best!).

Sega could do right, once again. I won't keep my hopes up but one can always dream.

Fullmetalevolust366d ago

There's a megadrive/ genesis game called Bahamut Senki and it is a strategy RPG that looks a lot like Dragon Force which was a great strategy game on the Saturn (I'd recommend it).
Sega interactive is listed as a developer (I think) and they haven't developed any JRPGs. I guess we have two more days to wait , tired of speculating, lol.

365d ago
noxeven365d ago

Looks like a moblie game