The Last of Us Director: "impact on people [...] most rewarding thing of my entire career.”

Straley spoke to podcast host Liam Edwards, former QA tester at Rockstar Games, about his final day at Naughty Dog and the rewarding feeling that it finally granted him.

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AspiringProGenji277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Read the article before the title mislead you all and start the doom and gloom. He is referring to his recognition in the studio and the good bye the crew set up for him.

PockyKing277d ago

Nothing really misleading in the title, just need to read the article to get the context behind the quote.

yomfweeee277d ago

The article never explains the title. They must have left something out of the podcast. There's no explanation of how things have been better.

TheKingKratos277d ago

This very cheap try to get clicks and flame the fanboys is very low....even for gaming "journalism"

hulk_bash1987277d ago

Its a clickbait title, pure and simple.

PockyKing277d ago


How is it flaming the fanboys lol. The story is about a positive thing on this guys' career. You just took it as a negative because you assumed from the title it was negative and that got you to click on it.

OmnislashVer36277d ago

That's because the article title does imply something negative. It's 100% clickbait.

thedr904277d ago

@yomfweeee It's not about how things have been better, it was just that leaving was one of the most rewarding experiences for him

rainslacker277d ago

I don't know what the original title was, but if the original title didn't accurately depict what was represented in the article, then it's the very definition of click bait. Or, poor journalism, as a title is supposed to give the reader an idea of what they're about to read. otherwise, it's just bait and switch, but that becomes click bait because anything inflammatory is believed to bring in more people.

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thedr904277d ago

To be fair he did actually say 'leaving Naughty Dog was one of the greatest things to happen in my career" in the podcast so its not all misleading

Razzer277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

"he did actually say 'leaving Naughty Dog was one of the greatest things to happen in my career"

Which is not what the title says. "Leaving Naughty Dog Was "Greatest Thing" to Happen to his Career". The context is not the same. He was referring to the amount of recognition he received when he left. The title makes it sound like his career was so much better because he left.

Misleading? Well....of course it is. But the site wouldn't get many clicks if the title was "Bruce Staley talks about his going away party at Naughty Dog", now would it?

277d ago
UCForce277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

@PockyKing and @thedr904 But does he say bad thing about Naughty Dog when he left ? Nope. He’s happy that he find something that he is looking for. A new opportunity and a new beginning. For Bruce Staley, i’m glad he achieved his goal.

KwietStorm277d ago

Leaving something doesn't automatically mean a bad thing. You literally just said what was addressed. He's happy with how he departed and where he is now, not just in the work place, but with himself. It's just people being people and reading into things that were never actually said, that gets the wrong message. He very clearly stated why it was greatest thing to happen to him. Everyone can relax.

PockyKing277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

That's all I was saying lol, people here read a title and just assume a story is negative and then call it clickbait. The title got you interested to click on the story, so it did it's job. The story gives the rest of his quote context by actually giving out the full statement that was made. Nothing wrong with it, but people here already have their preconceived notions about what's negative and what's positive. There's literally a quotable statement in the title, not sure how it's positive or negative. It's neutral.

Oh, and those bitching about a website needing clicks? Have you ever tried creating content? People don't click on things that aren't interesting. so you have to make it interesting. Oh, and those same people are actually trying to make a little bit of money doing yea, clickbait.

Razzer277d ago


It changed the context of what Straley was saying and you know it. The "greatest thing" had nothing to do with what "happened to his career" as the former title stated. It only had to do with the internal event that occurred upon his departure. The title was misleading and misconstrued Straley's words. That IS clickbait. Thankfully it was corrected.

thedr904277d ago

@Razzer Not true at all. Bruce said "leaving Naughty Dog was one of the greatest things to happen in my career". it didn't change the context, it just limited it and the rest of the article speaks about it more. it didn't miscontrue his words at all, it was a direct quote from him, just because you took it to be negative when it isnt doesn't mean it's false. also, clickbait doesn't automatically mean bad, especially if true, it just means they'e trying to get a bigger audience, and that's what every business in the world does

rainslacker277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Unless the above quoted title is wrong, "greatest thing to happen TO HIS career", is not the same as the actual quote which is "best thing to happen IN my career".

Sorry, if this is the case, then trying to play the "he actually said this" to try and say that it just required reading the article to get the full context is not going to work. The two sentences are inherently different in tone, and if you don't quote accurately, it means you can't just say you were pulling a snippet, as the very subject of the quote is changed through the changing of one word. It's not to say paraphrasing isn't acceptable, but in this case, that would be dumb to try and say is the case, because it's one word.

I'm sure you know this though.

Something they might teach in basic English classes, for the context here, "In" would be a past tense of a cumulative nature. "Happen to his" is a present tense, or possibly future tense based on how it's changed from the past tense.

Shame. The actual content of the article was a nice read. Too bad all the discussion is pointless because it focuses on the click bait title.

PockyKing277d ago


I get why someone would see it as clickbait, but it wasn't. He literally says, “It’s a weird thing to say that leaving Naughty Dog was one of the greatest things to happen in my career."

Here's the original title.

The Last of Us Director Says Leaving Naughty Dog Was “Greatest Thing” to Happen to his Career

If you misconstrue that as clickbait, then you don't know what the definition of clickbait even is. A clickbait story is using a title that has NOTHING to do with the actual story. That tile is directly related to the quote, and it gets the reader to ask WHY was that the greatest thing to happen to his career. I get why people see it as clickbait, but it's literally not. There's no opinion interjected in the title at all and it's not misleading. Could it be taken that way, sure, but that's because people jump to conclusions very quickly.

There's no tone to the title other than the way you read it. That's it. Nothing more.

The new title that Christopher wrote doesn't even have any context to the article now lol.

Razzer277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

It didn’t limit anything. It changed the meaning of what he said. If I change this:

Something happened in my house.

To this:

Something happened to my house.

Yeah....tell me again how I just “limited” what I just said. lol

rainslacker276d ago (Edited 276d ago )


He said

“It’s a weird thing to say that leaving Naughty Dog was one of the greatest things to happen in my career[…]"

IN MY CAREER(his quote)


TO MY CAREER(what the title said).

the context is completely different when looked at as a whole. One word. Complete different meanings, as I've explained elsewhere.

Either way, the title itself doesn't accurately depict what he was trying to say, and was taken as a blurb to incite clicks, as opposed as being used as a meaningful way to express what the article was about. bait. Just because something is quoted directly....which wasn't done here as I've already have doesn't mean that the title isn't framed as click bait. Hell, Gamingbolt has it down to a science, and they don't usually have to misquote for it to be obvious.

If you can't see that, then you are either being purposefully obtuse, or trying to defend something you know you are wrong on.

And BS there is no tone in the title. That's like saying there is no tone to the original quote. A title is meant to set a tone. If it doesn't, then it's still poor journalism.

The title may not have been a purposeful misquote, but it doesn't change the fact that the title itself doesn't actually in any way represent what was being said by the dev, whether in context, or actuality.

I disagree that Chris' change to the title isn't an accurate representation. In fact, I'd say that it actually has more contextual meaning to what was said than the original, as Chris' paraphrase was what was actually said, although it didn't have the whole context.

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DeadSilence277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

“The emotional security that I’ve always been looking for finally came[…] and it sounds so broken and so wrong to say it, but at the same time, it was kinda the most emotional and most beautiful and[…] most validating experience that I’ve had in my career[…] That I’ve actually made an impact on people personally is the most rewarding thing of my entire career.”

“It’s a weird thing to say that leaving Naughty Dog was one of the greatest things to happen in my career[…] The Last of Us was really the culmination of a lot of philosophies that I had been building up and that was amazing, and to win awards on Uncharted 2 and to dedicate myself to something; I had a vision and I really spearheaded that project with the idea of wanting to make something that I hadn’t played before in the industry, and that really manifested itself in a way that I never could have imagined.”

Thanks for the amazing games Bruce, glad you found what you you were looking for.

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UCForce277d ago

Nope. That’s clickbait and thankfully the mods change it correctly.

doos_vd_kak277d ago

"Oooohh. Exposed!"

Your lack of comprehension?

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