Metal Gear Survive Requires Constant Internet Connection, Has Microtransactions

Konami confirms more details about the next Metal Gear game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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-Foxtrot274d ago

Pfffft...f*** off Konami

Always Online for this? Urm. Why?

Oh and MT's...wonderful.

cleft5273d ago

Always online? No, thanks. I was one of the people that was seriously going to buy the game as well. But no, I wont be supporting always online single player games. Yes, there is mp but there is also sp and I shouldnt have to be online for that. Thats how I feel. So, I will pass based on what they are doing with the game and not some misguided hate of Konami.

273d ago
273d ago
UltraNova273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

This isn't even funny anymore...Konami is so out of their frickin minds they have become laughingstock.

Edit: I feel like Konami is being run by North Korea's Supreme Leader of the Free World, or some other equivalent paranoid deuce from Japan.

Snookies12274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Lovely... I was already never going to buy a Konami game again, at least this shows I made the right choice.

CyberSentinel274d ago

I was considering this game before this confirmation, cancelling my pre order now:(

1-pwnsause-1273d ago

You shouldn’t have considered it to begin with.....

Just remember why Hideo kojima left Konami......

AmstradAmiga272d ago

Why did he leave? Its not like the Konami/Kojima partnership had not already worked for a couple of decades...

UCForce273d ago

Not a good one, Konami.

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The story is too old to be commented.