Can Epic Save Paragon? We look at the MOBA's future and what's going wrong - PC Invasion

Epic is unsure what to do with Paragon and can they make it into a hugely popular MOBA? We take a look at what's going wrong.

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SourtreeDing299d ago

that new Dawn update broke and messed the game up when it it happened

Goldby298d ago

there have been issues since the beginning.
the new dawn update didnt help their problems, only add to it.

main issue is though that they need to get the MM up and running so that veterans aren't being pout up again brand new players, ranked mode that cost some amount of rep to enter into it to help prevent people from trolling in ranked games.

and they gotta do something about the Hard CC meta

FunAndGun298d ago

I agree...the MM has been the single biggest problem with Paragon. New players get stomped and give up. Old players get tired of playing with fresh players. Smurfs across all levels picking on new players. Stacks against solos....

Player retention is a problem because MM is a complete mess.

I have other issues with Paragon becoming more casual and lowering the skill ceiling. I understand they want a bigger audience, but they are trying to please everyone and pushing the core away.

I love Paragon, I hate the direction it went. I will support the game because I want it to succeed, but damn do I miss what it once was.

Guess we will see the fate of Paragon soon enough.

Goldby298d ago

^have you come across the Steel Ult Exploit recently?
gotta love being able to have his ult on a 15 second cool down. each hit drops like 3-7 seconds off of the 60 second cooldown

ZaWarudo298d ago

An arena mode for newer players would be nice.

ILostMyMind298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

The cards is the problem for me. At level 2 the CPU is already firing three times faster and with more damage. You spend three skills to draw the same HP that it takes with a standard attack. The game is completely broke now. Not to mention the lag that makes 1x1 combat infeasible if you are a long range attacker. I am lvl 79.

Goldby298d ago

If you are playing on veteran difficulty for ai its because they artificially buff the ai to make it seem more difficult. Still very extremely easy to kill once you learn how to kite the bots.

TheCommentator298d ago

Ironic that a Paragon needs saving...

Goldby297d ago

PCL is closing down after next months tournament....

i'm really not enjoyign what im hearing and reading online