Metal Gear Survive Beta Available for Download on Xbox One; Has HDR and Xbox One X Enhancements

You can already download the Metal Gear Survive beta on Xbox One via the Australian store. The description also mentions Xbox One X enhancements and support for HDR displays.

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codelyoko272d ago

Naysayers will eat crow on this one!

Twinblade271d ago

Doubt it, this game will be doomed with negative reviews from users.

solderman271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

You'll no doubt get some of the reviewers being contrarians just because they feel like they have been told to hate the game by the greater public and as a result they will gleefully disregard the always online requirement and microtransactions. Which will be followed by them giving it a positive review.

271d ago
Cybermario272d ago

cool, still not interested in this game

Alexious271d ago

Not nearly as gorgeous as MGSV was when it launched, anyway.

Tru_Blu270d ago

Just wait till you have to pay for the HDR upgrade, sarcasm but still not far off

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bluefox755271d ago

Too bad the game is crap. How did Metal Gear devolve into a dumb tower defense game built around gouging for MTs?

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