Forza Horizon 3: Xbox One X Full Developer Interview in 4K/HDR!

Digital Foundry took a trip to Forza Horizon 3 developer Playground Games to discuss all things Xbox One X, and how the team managed to push for 4K. Some fascinating details spring to light - from considerations of targeting 60fps, to the push for 4x MSAA, and also the GPU overhead the machine the team had to work with.

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corroios300d ago

With almost 5 times the power of the Xbox One and much, much more bandwitch and much faster, i have no doubt that they were very happy to work it.

Obscure_Observer300d ago

Ralph Fulton also confirmed (again) that Playground Games are currently working on an unannounced new title which has the Xbox One X as the lead platform!

So far all those enhancements that we saw are just scratching the surface of the X. The REAL POWER is yet to be released! Brace yourselves! O.o

Obscure_Observer300d ago

Can´t wait for the reveal of their new open world rpg on the X!

TheCommentator299d ago

I still want to know if it's Fable 4 or if it's a new IP.


Me too! Hell, they could use the Forza engine, it's already greatly optimized for Open World and Car Physics!

TheCommentator299d ago

Open world Perfect Dark RPG anyone?

moomoo319298d ago

Its been confirmed theyre working on fable