GameTrailers TV Episode 126 - Chapter 1 -4

GameTrailers writes: "Chapter 1: Apocalypse, meet Fallout!

We find out why Bethesda loves Fallout, and they reveal a new quest! Plus, Amanda chats to Tony Parker about NBA Live 09.

Chapter 2: Choice and Consequence

How does choice factor into what kind of teammates you'll get? Also, we interview snowboarder Shaun White about his new game.

Chapter 3: A Capital Disaster!

We explore the tragic sites of a post nuclear Washington D.C. Also, Daniel chats with game composer Inon Zur about his projects.

Chapter 4: Secrets of the Wastes...

Geoff asks about Fallout 3's endings and reveals the Super Mutant Behemoth in action! Plus, a new Red Alert 3 trailer!

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