Monster Hunter World Is What The Series Needs

Jonathan Lightfoot looks at whether Monster Hunter World is what the series needs

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zerocarnage275d ago

Good read. Yes while the ps2 version had sales of around 500k, monster Hunter certainly grew later on but I don't think it's just to do with people not being online on ps2, more so that the franchise grew, evolved and got better. The 3ds has most successful with just over 8 million sales, followed by psp with just over 6, but don't count out the Wii console with 4.5 mill of sales. MONSTER Hunter series alone has generated 40 million of sales and all the games have contributed to the success not just one or two but all of them.

Like I said above at the time of ps2, online play was still pretty new and that counts as well. Having to buy your network disc and box and the headache of getting the ps2 online compared to what it is today for getting a console online really speaks for itself. There is also the fact capcom stuck in there with this title and they chose to be happy with game sales when they most likely could of turned it into a money maker with what fans they already had, at anytime capcom could of tried subscription fees but they did it the rite way.

You only have to look at how capcom have been with this franchise, to know and seewhere so many other publishers and developers have gone wrong in how they behave towards fans. Capcom if anything set the BAR for how publishers/developers should still be going off now and show those who choose greed and to money whore there game that they are wrong in there choices and that those greedy practices are not needed one bit.

I hope on the 26th monster hunter gets its recognition it deserves, world wide brilliant sales the franchise deserves it and so do capcom.

Counting down the days again, can not wait to play digital deluxe on my Xbox one.

One thing however is I wished hey did another piak on top of the digital deluxe, I'd of gladly paid for it..