It’s Time for a New PGA Game, EA

The idea of golf may seem boring to people from an outside perspective, but competitive virtual golf proved to have a market with EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour games.

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Relientk77326d ago

Loot boxes to get the golf clubs you need. Don't have the right Iron? Oh well.

Brian7655492326d ago

EA will give you a pitching wedge to start.

bluefox755324d ago

Can't imagine why anyone would be asking EA for a game.

sampsonon324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

the thing is they make the best sports games even if their other en devours are lackluster. NHL 18 is perhaps the most underrated sports game out right now even though it's the most fluid 5v5 online of any sports game to date.

EA, hate them for trying to take as much money as possible from gamers but love them for the great sports games they produce.

sprinterboy324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Happy with everybody's golf thx
edit: plus golf club

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