Dark Souls: Remastered Will Not Support Cross-Platform Play

Despite rumors of Dark Souls Remastered could support cross play, Namco has assured us it's not happening, and not planned.

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Veneno369d ago

I wonder if we will ever see cross play among the big 3. It seems like a fantasy even though its perfectly doable today.

Neonridr369d ago

lol, I still remember a few months ago when Fortnite "accidentally" allowed cross play with all three systems. Seems silly considering how easily it is done apparently. Just need them to all be on board together I guess.

Matrix6369d ago

I've never actually heard of that rumor before. But it doesn't bother me either way.

WPX369d ago

A wasted opportunity.
A shame, really.

Mr Marvel368d ago

F**k cross-play.
I don't know any PS4 owner who wants or cares about it as the player base is huge.

As for Souls games, I play offline anyway as I hate people interfering with my game.
Souls games also have no pause button so I'll often leave the game unattended while I take a shit.