GPD Win 2 Gaming Laptop Announced, Runs GTA V At 38 FPS

The GPD Win 2 laptop promises an optimal graphics performance and according to the tests to which it has been subjected, the experience in titles such as Grand Theft Auto V averages 38 fps in high quality.

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Vegamyster298d ago

It's a cool little device but $650 US? Yikes lol.

Prince_TFK298d ago

And people complain about how much the Switch cost lol.

I own the GPD first gen, and it is a little nifty device. However the thing got hot really fast, almost too hot to hold. And controlling Windows without a mouse is a pain in the ass, even with the touchscreen.

All in all, I don’t see the second gen being that successful, considering the high price tag.

cartoonx1298d ago

lol it can do way more thn a switch. its a complete PC. it can run production stuff, business stuff, and many other things in one . yes for native games switch is way better , also note it can play most of the emulators at decent speed.

Profchaos298d ago

Wow I'm impressed. Would totally but this over the switch if I was a commuter

JamesBondage298d ago

Wish I had the money to get this, bought the first gen instead. It's pretty awesome

HollowKnight298d ago

Hopefully someone will make use of the new Intel and AMD chip.