What Improvements Nintendo Switch Online Needs to be Competitive

With rumors that Nintendo's Switch Online service being delayed till 2019, being swift rebuked. It's still strange how we know so little about this paid service. Bad bit Games host, Joseph, talks about what he would like to see to make Nintendo's Online Service worth the money.

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Ghost_0f_Tsushima278d ago

My wishlist.

1. Cloud saves
2. Messaging between users
3. Native voice chat
4. Miiverse successor

Poli_Games278d ago

Cloud saves would be fantastic!

Prince_TFK278d ago

Cloud save is the top priority right now. I would even pay for their online service if they implement this properly.

Come on Nintendo. Get to it.

278d ago
DJK1NG_Gaming278d ago

Why does it need to be competitive?

That shouldn't be a priority. Switch just need more gaming related improvements. And yes gaming related.
It doesn't need video apps.

PhoenixUp278d ago

At this point I doubt Nintendo has what it takes to make an online service that can rival PSN & XBL. They’ve always been content with settling for the bare minimum while also contending with boneheaded decisions like friend codes, digital content that can’t be downloaded on other platforms, and inconsistent methods of voice chat.

I don’t have my hopes high for this online effort. It’s still galling that Nintendo of all people think they can offer something good enough that they can charge for it. NS still lacks various features PS3 & Vita has, and those systems had free online.

septemberindecember278d ago

To be fair, they've never charged for an online service before either. They need to be able to sell their online service, so I doubt there aren't going to be any changes.

PhoenixUp278d ago

They never offered a quality service before, so why would your hopes be up just because they suddenly started charging for it? Do you really expect a company that’s faltered in this area for the entire 21st century and still makes boneheaded decisions with their latest system’s online functionality to suddenly make a service that could rival PSN & XBL?

Even when Nintendo makes some changes, I seriously doubt the company that created and still uses Friend Codes will make something that could seriously be considered competitive.

InTheZoneAC278d ago

-cloud saves
-no phone needed for chat

PhantomS42278d ago

Cloud saves would be nice but transferring saves to the micro SD would be way better. No phones for chat is certainly a thing that needs to be fixed. Trophies add nothing so if anything those can be last on the very long list of improvements.

InTheZoneAC278d ago

I already assumed saves are on the micro sd if you download your games lol

PhantomS42278d ago

It does if it's in there when something new is installed or saved. You can't if you have been playing for a year without one then you get one and want to move stuff over.

cha0sknightmare277d ago

Cloud Saves, Native Voice Chat, Messaging system (with voice messaging) trophies/achievement style support, gifting in the store, most of this should be expected at the very least. But i bet you most of it will be completely ignored.