Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition DLC Update's $19.99 Price Was a Mistake; Square Enix Clarifies

Square Enix clarified that the $19.99 price for the "Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack" that will update the base game to the Royal Edition was listed in error.

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PhoenixUp279d ago

It better damn well be mistake.

At most it should be $10, or even $5

Abriael279d ago

Going to go out on a limb here and say that it'll definitely be lower than 20 bucks.

278d ago
ditrabokku278d ago

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PhoenixUp279d ago

Of course it’ll be lower than $20 since they had to clarify the mistake. I doubt it’d be over $20 since that’d be far too egregious for previous owners

thepluggy278d ago

I would bet its more than $20, its the season pass AND the new extra content. I hope it is that price because i never got the season pass and they extra content would be cool to get.

TimelessDbz278d ago

They probably meant $30-50. Like any other final mix version but this version is not the final as they already have planned dlc after Ardyn. Good game anyways :)

Chaosdreams279d ago

*Sigh of relief*

Glad to hear it.

Antnee534279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

If this is not free then this is the biggiest pile of shit i have ever seen.

MeteorPanda278d ago they should just starve and be homeless for the sole privilege! The honour!

To add more to ur backlog game.


elesthor278d ago

Or maybe the cal sell something that's reasonably priced. Like Season Pass 2 including the few things that Royal introduces and the next few DLCs.

rainslacker278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Considering that the game was pretty barren of story, and they charged more to get some of that story, which still left it barren, then yeah, I think they should have provided that content to those who brought the game.

Personally, I see absolutely no reason to revisit this game. If they can't manage to make a complete, interesting story with a full game and several DLC story packs, i don't think it's going to suddenly become good. The game play is what got me to get a platinum, but it's a JRPG, and the only reason to really go back to it would be for the story.

zivtheawesome278d ago

well this does have all the dlc story packs so natrually it wouldn't be free but maybe giving all the other other content for free (fps mode for example)

PhantomS42278d ago

It should be free if you already bought the season pass or else this is just double dipping.

raWfodog278d ago

That's what I was expecting to hear also. It would suck if we'd have to shell out even more money for this content.

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The story is too old to be commented.