Candleman PS4 Anouncement Trailer

Candleman is making its way to the PS4.


Admin update: Yeah, changed the source since we don't need to act like this was some major exclusive and Microsoft is losing something.

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FallenAngel1984279d ago

78 on Metacritic isn’t something I’d boast as critically acclaimed

Nitrowolf2279d ago

I'll be honest I've never heard of this game.

UltraNova278d ago

Same here. Still not interested.

278d ago
Godmars290278d ago

Yeah. Honestly would like to know why you're getting disagrees about this being anything than an okay game.

G20WLY278d ago

Yup, never knew of this one. Lmao at the article's title change 😂

BadElf278d ago

Thank you so much for being honest

strifeblade278d ago

the hate on here is strong, what because its from an indie dev who would only afford one console and it was msoft, and now everyone boasts about not knowing a thing about it... lol the game was great and the devs suported it way after launch with free dlc that concludes the game's story. Beautiful indie title, great story and something you never played. This devs deserves support, not this stupid sony bashing previous exclusives agenda. Grow up, most of you guys look pathetic, and resentful.

Nitrowolf2278d ago (Edited 278d ago )


I'm only stating the truth and before the article was even edited they made it out like it was some sort of huge heavy hitter that Microsoft just lost which is why I said I never heard of the game if it was supposedly a huge title as stated by the article

Whether it's good or not I couldn't tell you because I haven't played it.

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Neonridr279d ago

well it is a Playstation site.. so their words (shrug)

looks ok, but nothing I would write home about.

FallenAngel1984279d ago

@ Nitro

Indeed this went under most people’s radar

@ Neo

I bet the only reason they’re saying it’s critically acclaimed is to make it a big deal that a previously unheard of game that was on XO is moving onto PS4.


Never heard of it until now lol

mark_parch278d ago

thought I would have heard of it seeing as how it's critically acclaimed

stokedAF278d ago

I wouldn’t boast about being critically acclaimed at any score. A rushed review for clicks isn’t exactly science.

thorstein278d ago

Critics don't matter anymore. There have been a few articles bouncing around about how review scores just don't matter. Audiences, consumers, etc, just don't listen to them, if they ever did.

SuperSonic91278d ago

The game looks like an interesting idea.

rainslacker277d ago

78 is considered bad?

Also, is this a game that MS lost for Xbox, or is it just a game that is being announced as coming to PS4?

Kiwi66277d ago

It was released on Xbox a year ago so it's now coming to PS

Nu277d ago

It's the candle guy from Disney's Beauty and The Beast.

Jaypi03277d ago

78 is well above average. And by Meta's standards it's generally favorable, so I can see why it would be considered acclaim.

IamTylerDurden1277d ago

So u are saying basically an 8/10 is bad?

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chrisx279d ago ShowReplies(3)
Death278d ago

Appearantly it’s been out for a year. First I’ve heard of this critically acclaimed indie exclusive. The author seems very excited.

278d ago
IamTylerDurden1277d ago

Chris, so a game must be 91 or better to be critically acclaimed?

IamTylerDurden1278d ago

It got good reviews, not great, but good. Does every game need to be Zelda to be "critically acclaimed"?

Christopher278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Well, at least 90+, right? This isn't close to that while tons of other games that are widely considered critically acclaimed are.

277d ago
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