Four Third-Party Franchises That Should Make Their Switch Debut in 2018

With Nintendo Switch getting great third-party support, Aric breaks down four franchises that he'd like to see on the platform.

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PhoenixUp278d ago

“Batman: Arkham is a spectacular series with four games in total.“

There’s actually five games in the series

“As of now, the South Park franchise has two entries”

There have been far more South Park games than just those two. Those just happen to be the most recent major ones.

Prince_TFK278d ago

At this point I would take RDR over GTAV as I had played GTAV to death on multiple platforms.

I hope they announce it soon.

DJK1NG_Gaming278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

My take:
Batman: Arkham - No
Grand Theft Auto - Yes
South Park - No
Red Dead Redemption - Maybe

Grand Theft Auto is the only one I see making a somewhat of a big impact on Switch.

Tazzy277d ago

South Park is rumored to be coming in March.