Takahashi on Indie v AAA:The Important Thing Is Fun;Even If It's Indie,If It's Not Fun It's Not Good

Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy, chimed in on the indie vs AAA debate stating that in the end, the more important thing is whether a game is fun or not. He also talked a bit about the main themes we'll see in Wattam, his next game due this year.

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KaiPow300d ago

Indie teams definitely feel like they take more risks to explain what's unconventional and still "fun"

Nitrowolf2300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Reminds me of Nintendo comment

ccgr300d ago

Heard good things about Katamari Damacy but have yet to play it

Venox2008300d ago

I loved all Katamari games, they are good..just didnt like the ones on mobiles..all the good ones to date are on ps2, ps3, x360, psp..even vita version isnt bad..

Venox2008300d ago

I would love a Katamari game for PSVR :)