Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is an example of DLC done right in an age of microtransactions

Sean @ FG: Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds is an excellent expansion to an already impressive game and what’s more, it’s incredible value for money in a time when many publishers are trying to nickel and dime their players.

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GaboonViper640d ago

Better then some mainline games.

NecrumOddBoy640d ago

Well it's actually a DLC Story. Microtransactions are just cash grabs

morganfell640d ago

This echoes what I have stated here in previous comments. The Frozen Wild is in and of itself a completely whole and unique game that towers above any other main indie or AAA stand alone on any other platform last year except its namesake, Horizon Zero Dawn.

GaboonViper640d ago

Great minds think alike, love your big boss profile pic.

bluefox755640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

When I think of "DLC done right", this is the only thing that really comes to mind apart from Witcher 3 DLC. Also, Lost Legacy, if you can even consider that a DLC.

MasterCornholio640d ago

I see lost legacy as just another game but that's just me. I agree with many that it's a great way to sell digital content.

Miss_Vixen640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

And may I add The Last of Us Behind Us. It is a tad on the short side, but it gives a good backstory on Ellie's character on her friendship with Riley.

SamPao640d ago

The Last Of Us: Left Behind ^^

Miss_Vixen640d ago

*The Last Of Us: Left Behind ^-^

jlove4life639d ago

I agree with backstory but dont you think the shortness kinda dulled its shine just a bit :/

Brian7655492640d ago

Both good examples. Witcher III and Horizon both gave gamers more of what they wanted, not a way to just get more money.

UCForce640d ago

Forzen Wild DLC is a great expansion pack.

Mr Marvel640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

Best game since The Last of Us.
Best DLC since The Witcher III.

It’s rare that I want more DLC, but I really would love another DLC area in HZD.
Hopefully the wait for Horizon 2 isn’t too long.

Kumakai640d ago

agreed. tho i think game expansions and MTs are two different things. Expansions literally expand the game (duh) so sure thats fair to charge for a new extension of an existing game. MTs tho are things like loot boxes, skins etc... the trouble really arises when the original release game content is gratuitously limited behind MTs (e.g. how much game do you get or is worth $60). In the case of say Battlefront II it was like you paid $60 for $30 worth of game and would have to come up with another $1000+ to obtain everything in the game. THAT is ridiculous. MT's should be a bonus to those that want it, not required to get the full game.

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The story is too old to be commented.