Remembering the Wii U: Nintendo's Dreamcast

With the Switch now officially launched and several months into the next generation of Nintendo games, it might be a good time to look back on its troubled older sibling. Nintendo certainly has been quick to sweep the Wii U under the rug following the Switch's release, and who could blame them given how abysmally it under-performed?

However as the Dreamcast has demonstrated, just because a console wasn't popular doesn't mean that it wasn't good. In fact, over time the Wii U brought out some of the best in Nintendo, perhaps serving as an important learning experience that helped them in some ways rediscover their roots.

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FlyingFoxy369d ago

"Nintendo's Dreamcast"

Stopped reading right there, most of the Dreamcast games were basically right up there with PS2 visually, and it came out much earlier to boot. Had the PS2 hype not been so high i think the DC would've gotten more games and lasted longer.

The Wii U was quite far behind in visuals compared with competing consoles at that time.

higgins78369d ago

Visuals, visuals, visuals. All you've talked about here is visuals, you do know that, don't you? Besides, while the WiiU wasn't as powerful as 'rival' consoles of the time, I don't remember playing (for example) MK8, SM3DW, Bayonetta 2, Tropical Freeze, Smash, etc, etc and being anything other than blown away by the visuals AND performance.

369d ago
fathertime4464369d ago

Honestly I thought the breakfast had better visuals and better games. The 2k series is still my favorite football game. I loved the breakfast. I merely liked the Wii u.

fathertime4464369d ago

Lmao I did not catch that. Dreamcast, phone auto correct to breakfast

SuperSonic91369d ago

As much as this is an insult to the Dreamcast indeed Wii U is a copy cat of the Drwamcast.
The Dual Screen gaming says it all.
Nintendo copied Sega's mistake.

Concertoine364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

DC games almost always ran in 480p which looked better than the PS2's grainier look, but there is very little on the DC that compares on a technical level to games like GTA III, MGS 2, SotC, Jak, DMC...

Overrall i think examining the power gap is missing the real reason you cant compare them - the DC had a heck of a lot more games than the Wii U, and i think in 5 years DC games will keep coming while the Wii U will be collecting dust.

I had a lot of fun with the Wii U though, and i do think its a bit underrated.

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chris235369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

sadly, err, i mean, technically, it was not their dreamcast, because nintendo is still here and they released another console afterwards ;-)

Artemidorus369d ago

That's an insult to.the Dreamcast.

nowitzki2004369d ago

Actually its an insult to the WiiU.. At least the WiiU kept Nintendo around. What happened to Sega after the disastrous Dreamcast?

meganick369d ago

Dreamcast itself wasn’t a disaster. It just couldn’t compete with the PS2. It was other mishaps (Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, etc.) that ruined Sega.

nowitzki2004369d ago


No one wanting it is pretty disastrous. I loved some of the games it had. If Sega released a console when 360, PS3, and Wii were around it would have been even worse.

PhoenixUp369d ago

Must we compare everything?

Venox2008369d ago

I love my WiiU.. too bad that new games are not being released anymore..but there are still at least 50+ good games for it still and some of them are great exclusives