Call of Duty: WWII Tops an Estimated 10 Million Units Sold Worldwide at Retail

The first-person shooter from publisher Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games - Call of Duty: WWII - has reached a new sales milestone, according to VGChartz estimates. The game has surpassed 10 million units sold worldwide at retail.

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corroios275d ago

Huge numbers and this is retail...

lxeasy274d ago

Incredible how this franchise sells this many units still

1nsomniac274d ago

... Can the developers feed their family’s though???

ConsoleGamer274d ago

No, because of the used market!😭

ConsoleGamer274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

@always right

No i won't but as we could already read from time to time, the used market is pure evil and instead of selling or buying used they rather us to just pirate the game😂😂😂 ;


Just more proof that multiplats are what is most in demand. I wouldn’t doubt it if a CoD game is in the top 5 played games on either console.

ConsoleGamer274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Ofcourse this game sells like lets say an exclusive like horizon: zero dawn simply because it is available on more devices.

Cod waw available on pc, x1, ps4 = 10mil on retail

Horizon zero dawn available only on ps4 = 4mil on retail.

And lets not forget, cod is a gaming juggernaut franchise. most AAA multiplat publishers dream of sales like these, while sony AAA exclusives sell 3+million on the regular on only 1 single platform if i'm not mistaken. So in relation to the platforms on which those exclusives release (on 1 duh) there is pretty high demand for them either

BLKxSEPTEMBER274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Yes but PS4 has a install base of probably 70 mil at this point so I’d expect bigger sales from an install base of that size. I’m not trying to turn this into a fanboy war I’m just stating the obvious...

ConsoleGamer274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

And? Multiplat Cod has an install base of what, 70 mil ps4, 30mil x1, 100++mil pc.

200+ million install base but only 10 million sales of cod ww2. Now that's bad!^^ /s

DialgaMarine274d ago

You’re claiming that PS4 should sell better because you’re assuming the majority of the people within that install base all enjoy the same games. Spoiler alert, you’re wrong. The whole point of having so many games from different genres is to open a player base to more than likely players that have different interests. CoD’s numbers don’t prove multiplayer sell better; they just prove that CoD sells good and that it’s genre is more popular than others.


So what your saying is that the VAST majority of the ps4 owners didn’t like HZD? Got it. The point I’m making before you turned this into a Sony exclusives war is that multiplats are and will be what sales the best.

DialgaMarine274d ago

Didn’t like it? No, they simply weren’t interested in it. By your logic, the vast majority of any player base doesn’t like any particular game. There’s never going to be a game that suits the majority of a player base. It’s just logic. It’s not hard dude.

bolimekurac274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

add in digital and that number probably doubles or does this incude both retail stores and digital?

elazz274d ago

Well vgchartz has a few weeks of delay and does not calculate digital sales. So probably this game is close to 15m in sales total. 20m total is now a given but it will probably do around 25m total.

glenn1979274d ago

I did play it , but i din't like it , for me its the same type of gameplay like in the past yeah the improve the graphic in some areas, but that my taste the cod modern warfare was the best