Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the Worst Game I'll Play for Eighty Hours

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an absolute gem hidden behind the worst game I've played in a while. It's fun, campy, long, portable, and hates the fact you want to play it. Here's some of the games major faults, and why it deserves a spot in your backlog anyways.

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Seraphim275d ago

Xenoblade 2 is a great game. While it doesn't have the touch and charm of Level 5s Ni No Kuni in it's own right it's a great game. As is Tora! "Tora dream of sausages the size of Poppi!" While i do agree the location marking of the compass can be a bit troublesome the game in it's entirety is solid. That said, a lot, if not most of the voice acting is egregious. Especially but not limited to Rex. The combat is good, blades are great, worlds are wonderful, story so far isn't great but it's good, etc, etc, and most importantly, for me, the game is incredibly engaging. Yes it's no Ni No Kuni, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy, Tales of, but it's a wonderful title that has me wanting to play 1 and hoping for a 3.

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Princess_Pilfer275d ago

My problem with 1 is twofold.
1: I don't really like any of the characters and so the story fails to engage me.
2: You're kinda railroaded into a faily specific playstyle, because even though you can control characters other than the protagonist, you more or less have to play the protagonist (who uses a specific weapon and skillset) or the bosses and tougher mobs will destroy you with mechanics.

Those might be my only 2 real problems with 1, but between them they totally killed the game for me, between them they make the game boring. I'm enjoying Xenoblade X a lot more, because I get to pick a playstyle that suits me and I actually like some of the companions.

Seraphim275d ago

I haven't even felt the need to use other characters. Aside from the occasional times I need to do "X" w/ "X" blade because the CPU just isn't doing it. Though I guess I also don't want to play a Tank and Zeke is annoying. Though I have thought about riding Dromach around because it seems to covers more ground than Rex.

I've definitely been feeling the issue regarding play style. Mainly because you get [some] awesome blades but often I find myself with them on the characters I don't need or would use them with. I think making the blade transfer orbs more available to allow players the choice of freely putting blades with their appropriate drivers would do wonders. This would allow more player choice in choosing which character does what while allowing Driver - Blade combos that are most beneficial. Early on I had 3 orbs and used 1 but I'm incredibly reluctant to use any more when I don't know how many are obtainable. While I'm missing something like 13 [?] special blades still I don't want to waste those precious transfers and regret it. Lately I find myself shooting for a special and when I get one it's not the class I want for that character.

Overall though I like the system. The problem is if you want to change a characters roll you have to rely on getting those special blades that have that class on that character.

dillydadally274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

I keep going back and forth about getting this game, and your post makes it even harder.

First of all, you said it wasn't Ni no Kuni and I hated Ni No Kuni and don't understand how that game was popular. The battle system had poorly thought out controls, the monsters respawned way too soon, the story was meh, the characters were annoying (especially lamp nose), and worst of all, I've never played a game that treated you like an idiot more and thought it had to lead you along and tell you absolutely everything. It treated you like it was baby's first rpg. So the fact that you say it wasn't Ni no Kuni scares me.

Second, in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the voice acting sounds cringe worthy, the battle system way too complex and questionable, and I hate games that rely on shallow fetch quests and such, which I've heard it has.

So... do you think I should avoid the game or try it?

manninpj274d ago

"Baby's first RPG" is such an interesting idea. Mechanically, Xenoblade doesn't hold your hand but definitely feels tonally immature. Like if Disney made a 100 hour jrpg. Be warned, the cutscenes vary from really endearing to almost unbearable. I did shut my console off after both the super anime maid tropes scenes happened, but other cutscenes feature poorly synced up audio and mouth animations. No where near as bad as the Sonic Adventure series, but pretty close.

The map issue is completely inexcusable in my opinion but I do have fun playing it in general. Plus, if you are an RPG fan, hey you can take this with you where ever you go. The switch isn't lacking in software by any means, but this (for the time being) is the only massive jrpg on the system.

Long story short, XC2 is a good game with some really tough pain points

Seraphim274d ago


I also said, "Yes it's no Ni No Kuni, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy, Tales of, but it's a wonderful title that has me wanting to play 1 and hoping for a 3."

I say it's no Ni No Kuni because it doesn't have the same level of finish or charm. Like I've said, the voice acting is egregious, perhaps the most of any RPG I've played. But it's also something I've gotten over because the worlds are great, I like the level design, blades and the combat system are actually rather good, etc. Also, though not everyone will appreciate and enjoy this I very much like some of the writing and some of the heart to hearts. This is a game that could have been a classic like the previously mentioned. Instead it's just a solid game that has some faults. Each individual will find their own faults though. Overall though it's a good RPG thats managed to keep me engaged, wasting too much time doing stupid stuff I needn't do, laughing, and just flat out enjoying my time playing it. To each their own but despite whatever flaws one might find with it I think it's worth a play and an RPG worth owning.

Princess_Pilfer274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

It's not that I *needed* to use other characters In the first Xenoblade, it's that I didn't like the protagonists playstyle, but can't really switch away from it because mechanics often require frequent use of protagonist specific abilities.

It sounds like Xenoblade 2 improved that from your description, but it also sounds like it maybe didn't improve enough.

Xenoblade X gives you a semi-custom avatar, with 6 classes (depending on how you count) that you can switch between at for free at no cost, and if you max one out then you can use it's weapons and skills while in a different class. So basically, you can create your own playstyle (though obviously some work better than others) and change it whenever you want, which is a *huge* improvement.

Also, I liked having the custom protagonist. Because Shulk is kinda boring, and it's taken me ~3 seconds to figure out that the protagonist in Xenoblade 2 is *incredibly* irritating (watching like 10 minutes of gameplay was all it took) so even I hated all the other characters in X (which I don't) it the semi-custom one is already a large improvement.

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Prince_TFK275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Xenoblade 2 is awesome. While it is obvious that it doesn’t have alot of polish and caring that most Nintendo games are known for (because maybe Nintendo want it get it released by 2017), it is still a Nintendo game at heart, which mean that it is fun and worth playing for a long time.

Princess_Pilfer275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

A nintendo game at heart? Noooot really? Nintendo didn't make it, they just own the studio that did. Monolith Soft has been doing their thing for like 2 decades now, with ~half that time being under Namco Bandai. It's a weird ass Monolith Soft game at heart, just like everything else they've done.

Segata274d ago

It's a Nintendo game because they fully own Monolith. Monolith also has a studio in Kyoto that helps with Zelda and Mario Kart. Is Uncharted not a Sony game by your logic? ND made games before Sony owned them.

SUPERMOORE1025274d ago

That is the stupidest thing I heard all day. How can you say it's not a Nintendo game when they own the studio lol

Princess_Pilfer274d ago

I wasn't the one making a claim that all games made and/or published by Nintendo (or sony or whatever) have some overriding design philosophy that Xenoblade somehow shares.

If you wanna disagree, disagree with what I actually said.

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Magnetar275d ago

I’m enjoying it way more than ffxv.

shingojacky275d ago

Xenoblade 2 has flaws here and there. It's kind of disappointing for I had so much expectations after I finished the first title on 3DS. Oh well, of course it's way better than FFXV though, apart from graphics.

LegoIsAwesome275d ago

Lol. I enjoyed it more than botw.

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