Zelda BoTW Really Doesn't Deserve Game Of The Year. Here's Why;

Park of CD assess the rampant "perfect" scores Zelda BoTW has received as well as its numerous Game of the Year awards. Does the fact it's Zelda give it a pass to the top of the pile even with its issues?

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SCW1982278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

My thoughts after over 100 hours of playing. It is a very good game but I would not say its a great game, way to many issues that I can't overlook. It is very flawed but the sense of discovery is intoxicating. Still have not faced Calamity Gannon.

Akarogg 277d ago

I would give it 8/10 tops

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TyrellCorp277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

After about the 30hrs I’ve put in I’d give the game around an 8.5 so far. I was actually shocked at how poorly the game started but the more time I put in the better BoTW seems to get, and something about it keeps pulling me back in.

Alexander1Nevermind277d ago

I have to say its a damn good game. Definitely one of the best games I played within the last year. Nioh was also one of my favorites that I put up there as the years best.

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Seraphim277d ago

one of the authors complaints is mine as well, "lastly, that it simply was an empty world with little to do, not to mention its severe lack of variety of things to do"

While I sunk in approx 70 so far the world feels so empty that I find myself losing interest. Fetch quests [to me] aren't bad, though they do get old in any game. Exploring is absolutely awesome. There are definitely some fine points in BoTW and it's a solid game, there's no denying that. But not being engaging is a major crux; for me. Where as other games I was constantly engaged, interested, etc. Even Xenoblade 2 is far more engaging and interesting, so far, than BoTW. I think BoTW could do very little to improve this issue but sadly it'll likely never happen. Especially given the praise it's been given as is. Or perhaps it was designed as a fast travel and exploration game and I'm playing it all wrong.

michellelynn0976277d ago

Obviously you didn't play it. You can do what you want.

indyman7777277d ago

I second that michelleyn0976 that game has ENDLESS stuff to do from the very start of the game. It is the opposite of his complaint. I can't think of a game that has more to do.

This is a 300 hour game and people are saying there is nothing to do? wah? Look at the list of impressive things about BOTW on youtube. Look at the 55 website GOTY award member ratings and they say the same thing. That is why it got mostly 100 out of 100 ratings. That is why have of them rated it the best game in the history off.......LIFE!

gwumper987276d ago

@michellelynn0976 and @indyman77 it seems you missed the point of the comment. You both assumed that Seraphim was saying there is no content, but what was being said that it was repetitive/boring content. A gaim could have thousands of hours of things to do, but if they are always the same thing, and if that thing isn't particularly interesting in the first place then that game probably isn't going tok be a fantastic experience. I loved the game but I understand this sentiment.

rainslacker277d ago

I would have to agree. I don't find the game overall to be that amazing. The game play itself isn't really all that innovative, although it does do some things very well. The story isn't even really passable. But just the compelling nature of going around exploring is very strong.

I've spent quite a few lunch hours now, or down time at work, just running around doing things with no consequence whatsoever to the overall story. It's somewhat addictive, which isn't a bad thing for a portable.

zb1ftw777277d ago

What's so flawed about it?

madforaday277d ago

I actually just started playing Zelda, I am amazed at how good the exploring is, and the feeling overall. I just got the Divine Beast Mission and need to find Robbie to give you an idea of where I am.

The combat- Firstly, I am not attacking the enemies often because weapon durability is a joke. I can only kill a few enemies, weak enemies, with one weapon. Switching your weapons back and forth and making sure you have enough already is tiresome. I don't mind weapon durability, Fary Cry 2 was annoying but once you started making money you can buy brand new weapons which last much longer. My friend kind of said there isn't a way to make them stronger, just the Master Sword. I am still early into the game so who knows if I will get better weapons that last longer. When I watch videos of people playing who are super far into the game, they are using weapons that I seen still.

The Story- This is the main one and the main reason why I haven't got a switch until just recently. I am 30 years old and now I am a sucker for a story. I just want a decent story, from Zero Dawn to Wolfenstein, just something. In Zelda, (This is my first time with a Zelda game and before I played the game), I guessed I need to save Zelda and defeat Ganon. I started playing Zelda, and now my next mission is defeat Ganon. I do like the lore around certain places that look like a battle took place and lore about what happened. For the most part, it is the same concept has a Mario game. I also got Odyssey and that game I got the same feeling (Even more with that game). Horizon Zero Dawn, you are put into the world randomly, you have no idea what surrounds you. You slowly learn what the Hell is going on. The more and more I learn the more and more I want to know more. The power of wanting to know everything so you move forward. The story in Horizon was great (for a video game)! That pushed me throughout the whole game!

Zelda BOTW, doesn't have that sensation, an hour into my game I already have the quest, defeat Ganon. I could go to that fight, defeat the divine beasts, or just explore and do side quests. The story is done, until I beat Ganon. I am sure the Divine Beast will have something cool (going to do my first one today). I know the memories should do something as well but haven't done one yet. It is so hard to explore the world when you don't want to fight something because you don't have many weapons or arrows. I shouldn't have to ignore combat because of a mechanic in the game. That may or may not be a flaw because I am sure Nintendo wanted to make feel like your are a survivor and a gatherer.

If Horizon Zero Dawn had an awful story you bet your ass review sites would lower the score by A lot because of it. Zelda and Mario are two amazing games that deserve all the praise but their games, I have a hard time pushing through because they aren't story driven games.

Bahamut277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Played for about 100 hours on the Wii U, then got a Switch and started over. About 150 hours in now, loved every second of it. Idk why people say there isn't anything to do. Over 100 shrines, main quests, sidequests, forgotten memories, collecting materials for cooking and upgrading gear, searching for ore, korok seeds, collecting monster parts and killing big monsters for Kilton, both DLC packs, and so much more to do. Idk, maybe the people struggling to find things to do just can't figure out how to play it right? I don't know. There are a lot of menus to look through, it can be tough for some.

notachance276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

a great game, but definitely not a 10/10.

- boring side quest, other than very few ones with plot (e.g. building that one town at the top-left) almost all of them are fetch quest, even that quest is a fetch-quest, bearable because there's plot and you get to make new town. very far cry from something like The Witcher 3
- severe lack of enemy variety
- weapon break system definitely needs improvement
- copy-pasted divine beast plot, my main gripe with this game. go to x place, meet a champion's successor, disable divine beast with their help, solve puzzle, beat the boss. repeat for all of them. I mean come on, even a 20-years-old OoT has more variety with its temples than that.

No other game would get a 10/10 with glaring flaws like that.

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PhantomTommy278d ago

Well that's the obligatory "Here's why you're wrong for liking Breath of the Wild" artifice taken care of for this month. Now all we need are two or three "Five reasons why The Order: 1886 is actually like... amazing" articles and we're good.

10 does not mean perfect. If you believe a 10 signifies a "perfect" game, you should not be reviewing games. It's perfectly fine if you don't like BOTW, but it's been out nearly a year -- gotta move on sometime.

mastiffchild277d ago

Then what happens if there IS a perfect game? Surely it's got to be best to get rid of the grading systems and READ a review and hear what is good and bad. When people just look at scores 10/10 might not MEAN perfect but it implies it and the fact that average games routinely get sevens or higher just shows what issues reviews with scores can lead to.

elkaki123277d ago

Is pretty much accepted that tetiris is the perfect game

rainslacker277d ago

There is always something that can be criticized. A perfect score isn't really for a perfect game, rather one that gives an unparalleled experience that one shouldn't miss.

Personally, I think anyone that plays BOTW would probably like it if they have even a passing interest in Zelda or open world exploration games, but I don't feel that everyone would actually think it's as amazing as the ratings made it out to be. I just find that a lot of the reviews giving it perfect scores tended to praise things in the game that weren't really all that meaningful in what makes the game good, or overstated just what the experience would be and made it out to be much more epic than it really is.

kneon277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Personally I would score games very differently, because are you say, no game is perfect. Going from worst to best I would use something like

Not even under threat of death
Maybe if it's free and you're really bored
If it's in the bargain bin and you have nothing else to play
You can wait for it to go on sale
Worth it at full price
You must play this game no matter what

There wouldn't be many games at the ends of the scale, most will fall in the middle somewhere

kayoss277d ago

In a normal scaling or grading system, a max score means perfect. What you're saying is not logical. Here's an example,
You scored 10/10 but it's not perfect.

PhantomTommy277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

You mean like a test? Yeah in tests where the answers are objectively right or wrong, you're right. Do you want there to be a checklist that games need to adhere to in order to achieve a perfect score? The game must have great combat -- well what is great combat? Games, like movies and music, are subjective. A ten means a truly outstanding experience (in the reviewers opinion) but it does not and never will mean perfect. Disagree all you like.

kayoss277d ago

But a game review is like grading system. But i agree with you that this grading system for games are very subjective from person to person. If a game is not perfect then why give it a perfect score. If there are flaws in a game regardless if its a minor or major flaw. It should never be given a perfect score.
This is the problem with these grading system, game reviewers should hold back on giving perfect score to games that have flaws. This just give consumer a false sense of what they're buying.

Jinger277d ago

That really only works if there is a right or wrong answer. This entire article proves that this could never happen because reviews are subjective, tests are not. As PhantomTommy said that all a 10 should mean is that its an un-skippable experience for that reviewer, doesn't mean its a 100% flawless game. Personally I don't believe it deserved a perfect 10 because I had issues with it as a Zelda fan, but that is nostalgia actually working against it's favor in my case.

There is no right or wrong here, if you believe another game deserves it then you have every right to, honestly the year was so good. Zelda, Horizon, Nier and Mario, any of those could have taken it... Personally I think Mario should have taken it with Nier being a close second then Zelda and then Horizon.

SarsOxley277d ago

BOTW is good to me...still haven't finished it and am growing impatient for the New Game+ update to Xenoblade.

I agree 10/10 means perfect (numbers are so...definitive?), can't get any better and should be the only game you need to play from now on (impossible). If I'm on the fence about a game I'll read a higher scoring review annnd one of the lowest ones.

I think if I were to ever review games, I would opt for the letter grade approach D-S...and F reserved for FML I can't believe I just lost all of that time to review said game.

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CaptainObvious878277d ago

Just like the obligatory 5 articles per week saying how amazing ninty is.

wonderfulmonkeyman277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

At what point was that a thing?
If anything it's been the opposite, on this site, most of the time; for every positive none-Sony article there's at least one, usually two, per month taking either subtle or blatant digs at anyone and anything that isn't Sony-centric.

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Deep-throat278d ago

I really liked BOTW, but I thought it isn't a 10/10 game.