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Street Fighter V has been an evolving game since its initial release in 2016.  While the game got off to a somewhat shaky start, we've seen balance updates and new characters added to the roster over the course of two seasons. For those that have stuck with the game over the course of the last couple of years, and purchased the downloadable characters, Arcade Edition isn’t really a necessary buy. You’ll be getting the same content updated to the base game as that which is found in Arcade Edition. For those that haven’t yet tried Street Fighter V, Arcade Edition is the latest release that includes all of the incoming updates to the game, the new nostalgic arcade mode and all of the characters from the first two seasons.

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GaboonViper327d ago

I may well pick this up now, its so cheap and seems the complete package now.

Cohagen420327d ago

Definitely, the gameplay was never the problem.

JBlaze226327d ago

not complete because you still have to purchase season 3