Fortnite: Why it’s won the Battle (Royale), and is on the way to winning the war

Fortnite took everything from PUBG and made it infinitely better, argues Rossko of FingerGuns.

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corroios302d ago

It runs at locked frames.

darthv72302d ago

It should. It looks like team fortress 2 so it isnt like it's stressing hardware.

bluefox755302d ago

Lol, let's not pretend that PUBG is a great looking game either.

ILostMyMind302d ago

PUBG looks like PS2 games. It should run at 120fps.

darthv72302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

^agreed but between the two, the cartoon style is easier to process as opposed to trying to be detailed like PUBG. They should prioritize frame rate over visual style for both in order to get a nice solid performance and fun gameplay experience.

Cyborgg302d ago

I actually like it better that PUBG. You can do way more in Fortnite

Crueltylizer302d ago

Well, artstyle doesn't really have anything to do with how much power is required to run the game.

yeahokwhatever302d ago

"PUBG looks like PS2 games. It should run at 120fps." you had a different PS2 than I have, clearly.

Prince-Ali301d ago

are you actually stupid lool...?

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Killa78302d ago

Because it runs well and isn't glitchy!

ChasterMief302d ago

I still have more fun with PUBG

GottaBjimmyb301d ago

100% personally hate fortnite, specifically hate the building, ruins it for me, if they remove the building, I would probably give it another try.

Timesplitter14301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

I agree. Fortnite is way more polished but it's also boring. The base building also feels like a really superfluous mechanic that doesn't have its place in the battle royale mode

jifowetit301d ago

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UCForce301d ago

And it’s finished and polish.

TankCrossing301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

It literally isn't finished, and Epic are not based out of Poland. Maybe you are confusing Fortnite with The Witcher 3? Easily done.

SirBradders302d ago

Brilliant game more polished and more content to come.

antz1104302d ago

Meh, lack of equipment and empty environments isnt really more polished.

xX-oldboy-Xx302d ago

The environments are constantly getting upgrades and new equipment is getting added regularly. But like others have said - it runs better.

brianunfried302d ago

"Rules of Survival" on iPhone runs better than PUBG

ZombieKiller302d ago

WAY BETTER! I was actually surprised by this. Especially when I saw PUBG on mobile in a preview. Whats the point when RoS runs WAY better.

As for Fortnite, I am not a fan. I like it, but I am not a fan of all the building and demolition. Too many distractions, less tactical feel. I'm a fan of PUBG's realism.

kevnb301d ago

depends on hardware lol, also latest benchmarks show the iphone 8 beating the macbook pro in cpu benchmarks.

bluefox755302d ago

Not only is it far more polished, on both console and PC, it's just more fun IMO. Plus it's free. There's just no comparison with regard to value proposition.

TankCrossing301d ago

I personally prefer Fortnite, but it's a shame to see PUBG getting dragged through the mud by people that base their opinion soley on which console the game is available on.

PUBG is slower and more tense, with more emphasis on strategic positioning and much more emphasis on building interiors that really changes the dynamic of a firefight for the better. Fortnite is more accessible (despite the added complexity of the building and destruction), but the act of shooting another player is far more satisfying on PUBG.

I also have no problem running PUBG at 4k with good settings. I only took up PUBG when it got the 1.0 release, and I was genuinely surprised by how competent the graphics and performance are because I had bought into the FUD round here.

RacerX301d ago

You should write a letter to the 3+ million ACTIVE X1 players on PUBG and remind them the game "isn't fun."

PUBG needs work, but is far from the "turd" PS4 gamers wish it to be.