15 Upcoming New Xbox One Console Exclusives To Look Forward To In 2018 And Beyond

Despite a relatively weak 2017, Microsoft’s console has some pretty solid games due in 2018 and beyond.

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PhoenixUp368d ago

I’d like to see what else Rare could be working on.

There used to be a time when that team would habitually be producing multiple projects at a time.

367d ago
Cyborgg367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Black Desert Online is an old game and it's also coming to PS4. Only game I'm interested in is Ori from this list.

monkey602367d ago

I saw the headline and thought to myself (not sarcasticly) "Wow there's even 15?! ... I bet they'll say Next Halo game and Next Gears game though!"

And low and behold it does. Also adding PUBG 1.0 is a cop out. The list is incredibly weak and given the Scorpio has released we should have a LOT more to look forward to than we do.

I want The Last Night and State of Decay 2, I may even try Black Desert Online but i might hold out for a PS4 version if my friends are planning to get it

HyperMouse367d ago

Below, Hells yes ive been waiting forever to hear more about this game