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Full review of the new 3DS game "Mario Party: The Top 100".


"Let’s Party: ‘Mario Party‘ became a very special property to a very select group of kids growing up. Anyone who still fondly remembers the holes they burnt into their palms playing Mario Party on the ’64 can count themselves as part of that exclusive club. I was pretty excited to see a compilation of Mario Party’s best minigames – especially when I got a code just before I headed home for the holidays to see my brother and sister, both of whom had lost skin to the franchise decades prior. Over Christmas my siblings and I – whose real-life rivalries today were forged in the fires of Mario Party – rinsed the minigames all over again and had a blast doing so."

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hanko14279d ago

hope the switch comes out with 1000 or all of them for all the games come out on console and not handheld, what the hell where you thinking nintendo