Two Employees of Quantic Dream Defend The Studio and Call Lies on The Allegation

Yesterday we informed you about the scandals of Quantic Dream, the studio responsible for Detroit: Become Human for PS4. Regarding this issue, two employees of Quantic Dream defend the studio and call lies on these allegations

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UCForce327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Even the Quantic Dream current employees are pretty piss off about this new. Even that, it’s just that questionable why the heck someone take way too long to tell the truth. Like what ? Five years ? Again, if the person is guilty, it have to send the court, not blaming someone on internet. What funny is that I see this more and more often. Now I don’t know these allegations are true or false , but it’s seem like people just spamming and want to get attention.

OB1Biker327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

The journalist following article is full of it.
He compares gamers supporting QD to gamergaters.

Edit: he's probably hoping to get a few hate mails so he shows off something next article because this one is quite.poor (even if it's enough to manipulate a non gamer audience with gaming character shown naked omg/s)

UCForce327d ago

Seriously ? Why someone would do that ? I can’t believe this.

Razzer327d ago

Oh great. Now he is quoting posts from gaming forums to back himself up. Wow.

Eonjay327d ago

People don't work really hard for some internet scam to come along and use them to get hits by forging a scandal for and acting like they are breaking something. But to they truns on gamers by invoking gamergate?

uth11327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

GG is a punching bag for anything journalists dont like. has been for years.

dont be fooled, its a classic smear tactic

also remember the original gamergate exposed some dirty laundry of the media and the media didnt like it, so they've been smearing it ever since

trooper_327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Absolutely deplorable.

The lengths these slimeball journalists will go for a story. Oh, excuse me, I shouldn't be calling him a journalist.

He's a slimeball, period.

bluefox755327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

@UCForce Because game journalists were the enemy of gamergate. They didn't like the idea of a group holding them to account, so they labeled them sexists/racist/bigot, etc. In that regard, it actually is similar to gamergate, in that gamers are demanding honesty from journalists rather than propaganda.

-Foxtrot327d ago (Edited 327d ago )


He says it like GamerGaters were in the wrong when the whole thing started to focus on journalist ethics and shady going ons with the indie competition Zoe was apart of. Only they turned it into a sexist thing because it was the best way to cover their tracks and make people disbelieve their claims. ANYWAY we all know the story here so I won't dabble on it.

But yeah that's what it's become now...disagree with anything and they use it as a way of trying to silence you or making you look bad while they make their side look like the "right one".

"Hey better believe me or else you'll be a bunch of racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, sexual predator Nazis"

OB1Biker327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

What makes me smile but in a sad way, is I feel he describes gamergates as 'challenging to the press' as if that was something ugly and somehow pertaining to that group of people.

CaptainObvious878327d ago

Comparing QD to gamergaters really speaks volumes about how intellectually dishonest that journalist is.

Ironically it's the beta male feminist allies that appear to be actual sexual predators.

rainslacker327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

What's wrong with gamergaters is my question. Gamergate was about calling for journalistic integrity from the gaming press.

I guess he wasn't on board for people wanting that.

If he thought gamer gate was something else, it calls all his credibility into question, because he obviously got caught up in the hype of it being made into something else by the same media that didn't want all the negative attention on them.

Either way, he just threw any credibility out the window by trying to pull the gamergater card, because the truth is, most gamers that would be reading all this stuff, or care about this particular story to begin with, probably actually were for journalistic integrity, so likely were gamergaters, even if they didn't realize it.


Maybe when these journalist try to use gamergate to discredit any dissent, we should ask them why they had a problem with people asking for journalist to remain ethical.

Then see if they explain what they think GG was, and when they get it wrong, ask them how they can call themselves a journalist if they don't even care to get the story right.

Maybe it's time GG comes back and starts to call people to account that try and disparage against a complaint that gamers have had since the beginning of last gen when the gaming press decided to go the tabloid route, instead of just being a service for the reader to provide gaming news, reviews, and compelling articles for discussion.

I think if the gaming press, and others are not happy with the current state of the community, it's time to look at what spurs on discussion. That's the press, and they are 100% on board with pitting the community against one another.

Aura7541327d ago

Wow, this journalist basically tipped his hand too soon as he compared gamers supporting QD to GGers. His ignorance of what GG was all about is probably indicative of his integrity, in general.

UltraNova327d ago

Damn this guy has no shame whatsoever. I hope QD sues him for all he's got.

Where's my buddy Septic at?

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Neonridr327d ago

well.. timing doesn't necessarily mean anything. Sometimes people feel threatened or are afraid to come forward for whatever reason. We have seen it plenty of times recently with all the sexual harrassment claims coming out of hollywood. So just saying it's been a few years isn't enough of a reason to discount it.

Although it definitely does beg the question as to why it took so long.

It is a he said / they said sort of situation so we may never know the actual truth here.

UCForce327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Even the problem is that this getting way too ridiculous that people going to accuse everyone for being guilty on internet. Like literally. Way back then, it was simple to see who is guilty and who is innocent thank to the court. But now, people accuse other on Internet. Again, people really need to talk to the court.

Neonridr327d ago

@UCForce - agreed. It's easy to sling words around and hide behind them with no accountability. If this person is in fact lying, then they need to think about the damage they could cause in regards to the public view of Quantic. Sadly there are too many keyboard warriors nowadays.

NecrumOddBoy327d ago

It's 2018 and it's great that people are stepping up and speaking out about being wronged. But Hollywood is full of Hypocrites and people's lives are getting ruined left and right. There are many people who deserve to be held accountable. All these allegations need to be fact. We can't live in a society where we are allowing people to control each other by fear.

If there's a problem then people need to speak up and resolve it as a community. There's a lot of liars that have their own malicious intent when it comes to these allegations. Which is horrible for both the people affected by their lies and others who are not lying but now or drowned out in the hundreds of allegation cases.

And it really pisses me off to see Meryl Streep up on stage talking so much trash about so many people when she is great friends with Roman Polanski who can't even be in America because he's a child molester. And how they would still give some awards for his movies. His credibility is not affected whatsoever by his actions. That just blows my mind. There is zero accountability.

rainslacker327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

The problem really isn't that it took so long for someone to come forward, as that's not uncommon at all.

The problem is is that the reports about the allegations are often pushed out much too hastily, and without enough research to really have the issue handled correctly. The report itself is more damaging to the company, and it really doesn't matter if the story is true or not. The company may not face any legal consequence.....which they wouldn't regardless unless the complainants went that route instead of to the press....but their image is tarnished.

IMO, more responsibility should be taken by any member of the press who wishes to pursue these stories. Innuendo is not news, or any form of hard hitting journalism. It'd be one thing for the press to report on a legal case that was filed or in progress, but it's quite another to try and make a story like this without crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's.

When I read the original LaMonde report, it left me with a lot of questions....even without the poor google translation....and to me, if a report causes more questions than it answers, then it's not a good report at all.

I would like to speak on accountability though. While it's actually easy to say whatever you want on the internet, or the press to report whatever they want, it's actually not legal to say slanderous or libelous things. If this isn't true, then QD is within it's rights to sue for compensation. If some act was performed to manufacture evidence(the pictures for instance), then that's actually criminal.

Sadly, slander and libel laws just aren't pursued enough, so a lot of people get away with saying things that aren't true. The internet has exasberbated the issue, as it's enabled pretty much everyone to have a voice, and in some way be recognized. It doesn't take much to cause a scandal, but by the time the reaction is done, the damage is done. The follow up where those wrongly accused are vindicated rarely gets the kind of attention in the press beyond a retraction, buried deep in the back pages, and even if it got more press, it wouldn't have anywhere near the same attention.

Even now, you see people saying those that work at the studio defending them being said to not be credible, but apparently, the person that made the original complain is 100% believable. It really shows that people just want to hate, and don't really care about the facts or knowing the truth. That's what the press used to be for. To get to the truth. Get past all the lies and misdirection. To actually present stories in ways that were cohesive and understandable. They just don't do that much anymore.

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gangsta_red327d ago

Waitaminute, when this first came out weren't you one of the first ones to tell Sony to get rid of Cage?

Now you don't know who to believe?

UCForce327d ago

Because i was confused and frustrated at night when I hear this. So I took a sleep for hours to refresh myself. After that, I have to read the article twice and it getting more questionable to be honest. People at QD are very angry about this “allegation”.

gangsta_red327d ago

"Because i was confused and frustrated at night when I hear this."

My advice, take a break from gaming for a minute. Because if this news frustrates and confuses you then it is definitely time to have an outside vacation.

Enjoy the games not the drama.

subtenko327d ago

In this day and age people expect people to step down after a frikkn allegation too. What a BS society this is. Automatically jumping on a side with nothing other than an accusation is not the right way. You bring ALL parties involved and you make sure its true and not some fake pre planned thing just because someone is salty

G20WLY327d ago

Totally this. The placard brigade and the press love nothing more than a head on a stick. It feeds their power. "look what WE did", "WE showed that company good"!

Reporters are like, "a guy from your post room said something racist when he was twelve. Will the CEO be resigning"?!

rainslacker327d ago

Sadly this is way too true. During gamergate, there were people who got fired because of a twitter post that wasn't even malicious. All it takes is a few people to rile others up, and permanently affect other people's lives in a bad way.

While I don't have empathy for those that are actually guilty of bad things, I do feel that one mistake isn't a terminal offense, nor should people try, or even expect, that person to face irreparable damage to their reputation and job potential because some people were upset, despite the matter likely never actually affecting them directly.

It's not to say that there aren't some thing which do deserve such harsh consequences, but nothing as mundane as some twitter post that is hardly offensive, or just expressing a dissenting opinion.

The fact that so many people can't recognize the line between actual harassment and someone just saying some rude things is more concerning, and I feel the internet has made people feel that their feelings are more important than anything else in the world.

Ceaser9857361327d ago

"What funny is that I see this more and more often. Now I don’t know these allegations are true or false , but it’s seem like people just spamming and want to get attention."

Exactly my point, All baseless allegations imo, If the person who put forwarded this allegations are true why not approach the court instead of using the Internet to seek attention and play the victim card... This type of news are cliched now...

Death326d ago


According to reports, 5 previous employees have made these allegations and they have also shown proof which can be viewed. The reason they don’t go to court is because the alleged toxic environment wasn’t necessarily illegal or they weren’t confident they could meet the burden of proof to show it was a crime. That doesn’t make the actions or environment “ok”.

If you look at the reports, this does look like there are credible witnesses and proof to back up claimes. There is also an actual investigation as well.

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AizenSosuke327d ago

Even the company knows BS when it happen

327d ago
Razzer327d ago

What? You mean there are other sides to this story? Shocking!

rainslacker327d ago

Yeah, it was even reported in the original report. Other employees of the company were interviewed, and most said they were satisfied with the company.

Easy to ignore that to focus on the scandal, instead of what is actually going on.

327d ago
uth11327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

i'm thinking we need to enhance employment laws for the age of social media mobs.

maybe something along the lines of if you are terminated for UNPROVEN allegations, you have a wrongful termination case.

cowardly employers who fire at the whiff of controversy will then be able to hide behind the law, saying they will take action pending an investigation or whatever

im sure its not perfect, but its better than the mob justice we are increasingly seeing

UCForce327d ago

Yeah, I agree. This is getting ridiculous.

kneon327d ago

I think you'll find this is already the case is most developed nations. Firing without cause is wrongful termination.

bluefox755327d ago

I mean, I would be surprised if there wasn't already something like that on the books. Probably just hard to pursue, and expensive.

uth11327d ago

there may well be, but the way people seem to get fired after just an accusation, i wonder..

its difficult to control the social media mob, so i think we need to make it harder to enact mob justice

rainslacker327d ago

Technically, if you are fired over false accusations, it is wrongful termination. It doesn't matter the source, or the venue with which those allegations come from.

However, to really pursue such a case, one would have to actually prove the allegations untrue, which often requires a libel or slander civil case, which is more often than not pursued.

Of course, each state in the US has different laws pertaining to rights of employment.

I believe the EU countries actually have rather extensive laws pertaining to work, as most of it is considered contract type labor, but without the actual contract.

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EatCrow327d ago

Innocent till proven guilty I say.

UCForce327d ago

Well, I could say that. But it’s seem these days, people blaming everyone on internet.