Link-Cable Review: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

Colin Kratz from Link-Cable Writes: The Curse of Osiris is the first DLC for Destiny 2, and it came out right around the time I stopped playing. It was the perfect time for some fresh content to reinvigorate me into playing more, but it brought nothing to the table but more of the same bland, boring, nothingness. Two new characters join our cast – Osiris, and his ghost. Osiris is a warlock and was Ikora’s teacher. While he isn’t as boring as Ikora, he barely shows up and is barely more of a character than her. The story of the Curse of Osiris ignores all of the events in the main story of Destiny 2, and it ignores Calus in the raid, making it a standalone expansion. The story isn’t any different than the base game. This time, it’s the vex that are the big bad. They’re building a big bad robot boss for you to go fight, or they’ll kill and destroy everything. Yawn."

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