Link-Cable Review: Destiny 2

Colin Kratz from Link-Cable Writes: "Destiny 2 is a step backward in almost every way compared to Destiny, the previous, and first, game in the series. While fun at first, it is actually an evil game, and the more thought you put into it the less you want to play. This review is obviously quite late, and while lots of tidbits have come out about Destiny 2 and Bungie over the past few months, this review will focus on the game, as well as its first expansion and the mini events up to this point. I jumped into the first Destiny in the middle of the Taken King expansion and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I never got to play the second expansion due to it being wallet-locked to the new consoles. Personally, I never touched the PvP in Destiny. I had high hopes and looked forward to Destiny 2."

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