Difficulty Has Always Been and Always Will be Up to the Player

When Cuphead released in late September last year, it was immediately met with equal measures of both praise and complaints. Even though it had been making appearances at gaming events like PAX in the years leading up to its release, it still managed to surprise everyone with its tough-as-nails gameplay. Some were delighted by its difficulty, some endured it for the sake of the game’s other charms and still others were quick to vocalize their discontent. The complaints continued even after Cuphead’s reputation as a demanding boss rush had been cemented. Some even went so far as to argue that its design excluded lesser-skilled players and that seeing a game’s end is something owed to the player rather than something they have to earn for themselves. This line of thinking is inherently flawed.

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Cobra951367d ago

That headline is nonsense. If a game is too difficult for the average player, it's too difficult for the average player. He can't control that. This shouldn't even need to be said; but apparently, not everyone can see its plain clarity.