5 Moves Nintendo Needs to Make to Win 2018

Twinfinite Writes: After a strong first year for the Switch, Nintendo is certainly on a roll. Here's a few ways the Big N can come out on top in 2018.

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PhoenixUp274d ago

“t’s strange to think that the Switch has been out for over eight months at this point, and we still don’t have an online service comparable to that of Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.”

Not that strange when you consider for the entire 21st century Nintendo has severely underperformed in the online arena compared to its competition.

It’s doubtful that they’d dramatically create something to rival XBL & PSN in a short amount of time, or even ever at this point. While Sony & Microsoft continued aggressively evolving their respective online service’s functionality, Nintendo has always treated it as an afterthought.

RommyReigns274d ago

Pokemon proper 3D open world RPG would do a lot to stake a claim, breaking the GameFreak barriers of yearly 2D handheld RPGs

CoolHandLuke273d ago

Pokemon 3d would be a great way to ensure the success of the Switch. GTA V could work really well as well.