5 HD Remasters We Need in 2018 if This Is Just Going to Continue On Forever

Another five for the HD remasters train!

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Relientk77276d ago

Spyro the Dragon PS1 trilogy

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septemberindecember275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

As long as they completely revamp the combat of the first one.

-Foxtrot274d ago

That's what I'm hoping :)

jifowetit274d ago

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Michiel1989275d ago

2nd game doesnt need an HD remake, it still looks pretty good.

If they revamp the combat for Witcher 1 it wouldn't be the great game that it was (it's my fav game). Witcher 1 wasn't about the combat, it was about preparing for combat, read books for info on your enemy, brew potions, build traps, get the good oil for your blade(s) etc,
The clicking itself wasn't the most exiting thing I agree but changing the combat would feel wrong.

ILostMyMind275d ago

Since it is not on PS4, it is necessary.

Michiel1989274d ago

Not sure how the deal with MS was for Witcher 2, but they might have full console exclusivity for it.

-Foxtrot274d ago

Look I just want them in one bundle so I can play through them. I never really got the story as I never played the first one it would be nice to play them in order.

Michiel1989274d ago

@fox the story of The Witcher 1 doesn't have much to do with the other 2 games, besides some of the cast there is not much that carries on in the sequels. Witcher 1 is about the school of the Wolf mostly (Geralt's witcher school)

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Venox2008275d ago

Viewtiful joe 1 and 2 please :)

FallenAngel1984276d ago

Why wouldn’t remasters continue forever?

You really think it’s ever going to come to a stop?

sizeofyou275d ago

All the while there's demand for popular titles - it's a relatively (not 'easy' but) simple task to keep remssters coming. Cheaper than a new IP to develop, as there's fewer concepts and gameplay design to invent.
And if they're lazy 'upscaled" monstrosities, they can make loads of money for very small investment unless we, the consumer, 'vote' against them. I'm not anti-remaster...but they need some TLC for my attention...

Magnetar275d ago

Next gen will be full of UHD remasters...

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