Xbox Game Pass Is The Best Subscription Service You're Missing Out On

"When Xbox Game Pass was announced in February 2017, I thought the service sounded excellent, but I already played a lot of the games that would be offered. It seemed fantastic for Xbox owners that didn’t buy video games on a regular basis or those who were new to the Xbox family. A few months after Xbox Game Pass launched, I was given a 3-month pass to check out the program. Though it didn’t appeal to me in the early days, I was surprised that there were so many games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 that I never had the chance to play." -- Xbox Enthusiast

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Sonic_Vs_Mario367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I've already got 12 months Xbox Game Pass for free thanks to Microsoft Rewards. The best gaming subscription to date

Razzer365d ago

Humble Bundle Monthly is better, imo. Game Pass looks great though

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RDOUBLE365d ago

I already own most of the games in game pass. Why would I pay another monthly fee.

AmstradAmiga365d ago

Game Pass is obviously not aimed at you so why not use some common sense. However, lets say someone just picked up their first XB1 and wanted an instant game library...

KickSpinFilter365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

As a PS4 user Game Pass is much better than PS Now. That being said got no time to pick up another console.
I'm buried way to deep in PS4/PSVR games along with the 2018 flood on it's way. Help I'm downing!
I do hope PS4 adjusts NOW so it would not be streaming or a choice at least. Again I have no use for this either but at least it would be better.

yomfweeee365d ago

Article shouldn't have such a clickbait title then.

Prince_TFK365d ago


Uhh how is it clickbait exactly?

Bobafret365d ago

Well, I guess it isn't for you then.

TheColbertinator365d ago

Its a decent service if you just bought an Xbox

Sciurus_vulgaris365d ago

Good service for gamers on a strict budget. However, game pass doesn’t really seem to be aimed at hardcore gamers.

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