Do Graphics Still Sell Video Games?

When Sony marketed the original PlayStation, they used a combination of live action skits and CG visuals to make their games look more cinematic and epic than they actually were. People have argued over the merits of doing something like showcasing Final Fantasy VII’s cutscenes and presenting them as the game’s visuals, but the tactic […]

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ULTp0ltergeist1286d ago

Well, going by the past few years and the recent release of X I would say yes. Otherwise, I doubt Microsoft would bother with the typ of power they released in the X.

Godmars2901285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Which, aside from ports, they're doing nothing with.

And we've had this argument with the 360, which lasted for as long until graphics on the PS3 were as good and better, then "Da Cloud" when the XB1 launched underpowered compared to the PS4.

Brian76554921285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Most of Sony's first reveals are pushing graphics as well. Horizon for example is gorgeous. Many comment on the visuals for Death Standing and The Last Of Us 2.

Visuals sell and one of the reasons why graphics are often pushed instead of sixty frame per second games.

Godmars2901285d ago

First showings of title with graphics that are too good to be true is a bad standard within the whole industry. Kill Zone 2 is still something Sony has to live down.

The thing is with MS and the XBX there's not likely to ever be an example of what the hardware can do aside ports and 3rd party. Whereas with PS system there have been example of titles like Uncharted and the Last of US that the Xbox has yet to equal in terms of story and gameplay much less graphics. while also having some PC fanboys demanding they be on their platform of preference.

ABizzel11285d ago

Graphics grad attention, when they're better than the majority of games on the market. However, I'd say their impact on sales have somewhat diminished this gen compared to last.

bluefox7551285d ago

Sony makes great games that also happen to look better than anything else on consoles. You can't just have graphics without gameplay.

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SilverDemon1285d ago

then why is the switch(underpowered console that has the worst graphics of all the consoles) is selling so fast?

shadowknight2031285d ago

Because there are is a divide - one cares more for gameplay and the other for graphics

Ashlen1285d ago


I disagree.

The thing that matter is games, a variety of fun to play games is the most important thing. Having games that appeal to a broad international audience sells consoles.

Godmars2901285d ago

Correction: having a varied games library, one that appeals to a broad audience, is the most important thing.

That's where I think MS has never comprehended and frankly Sony has been lucky with.

SuperSonic911285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Is that a real question?

Do you need to have high end realistic graphics to sell Nintendo's kiddie games to kids and their moms or loyal Nintendo customers?

Why don't you tell Rockstar to sell GTA VI or Activision to sell COD with Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild graphics?

Use your common sense.

Graphics fidelity is dependent on the kind of game that needs it.

Realms1285d ago

People keep forgetting the most obvious, yes the Switch is the most underpowered console of the three but it has something the others don't. Portability I wouldn't be surprised if the Switch ends up selling monster numbers it already is they have opted for a different strategy which isn't power and it seems to be working. Wether you already have a PS4, Xbox or PC the Switch still offers something different that is why even if you already game on a different console you can pick up a Switch and have a different experience. It also helps that Nintendo makes fun games they may no longer be my cup of tea but plenty of people seem to like them.

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drunkenspy0071284d ago

you say that like Microsoft has a clue to what they're doing. xb1x is a gimmick for fanboys, if graphics were really the ultimate goal for gamers, everyone would own a PC.

strayanalog1286d ago

There has always been a niche for graphics hounds in gaming, but nowadays it's a smaller niche. I'd imagine gamers as a whole take graphics in as the norm, they're almost desensitized to it you could say.‎‎
These graphics hounds will be here a while longer, but their days are numbered.
Graphics are argued by eight year olds, gamers argue about whether that game is worth it. So, do graphics sell? If you want to win a niche, yes. Not an audience.‎

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TheCommentator1285d ago

To me, the most memorable games came out well before graphics even became good enough to be a strong selling point. PS1/N64 days were amazingly fresh and new, PS2/Xbox days were exploring open world and online, PS3/360 days were pretty versions of previous gen for the most part, and we've been playing the same basic formulas ever since.

Nowadays, we mainly get trashed and rehashed games with no real innovation. Honestly, when devs come out with innovative games like The Order, Ryse, and Quantum Break most people shun them and buy another Assassin's Creed, God of War or Halo instead. The exception is when a title like Horizon: Zero Dawn comes out but even it is just a recombination of elements from other open world games that has been put together well.

The industry is running out of ideas until HW allows for super advanced AI (Like Siri) and total manipulation of the environment. In this way, freedom to choose how to tackle objectives will make every game unique to the users and their play styles.

wonderfulmonkeyman1286d ago

Yes, and sadly it's always one of the first things to be used as ammunition when discussing which console is "winning the console wars", by the less sophisticated members of the gaming community.

Neonridr1286d ago

it's true, Nintendo games are always discounted by the Sony and MS fanboys because they aren't photo-realistic when it comes to graphics. Gameplay and fun factor are always the core reason behind a game being any good. Graphics definitely help sell the vision, but if the game sucks, then no amount of polys or 8K textures are going to save the game.

JackBNimble1285d ago

It's resolution that people are claiming victory with. Graphics from 1080p VS 4k change very little.

FreddyFazbear1285d ago

Well thats not always the case. Im a ps4 fan but i give credit to games with great gameplay regardless of its graphics and I agree with legend of zelda as GOTY last year. thing about the internet, people are so different and divided and there is this certain Kionicwarlord spouting things like MP only games are the bastion of gaming even forgetting that sony and nintendo were so successful releasing SP experiences and theres xbox fans that as long as its in 4k its a good game. Sometimes i cant help but reply to the comment due to how preposterous their Opinions are. Opinions are opinions but there are stupid opinions. Like sexist or racist in their opinion whites are the supreme race and women are second rate but they are hiding behind the "its my opinion" as shield just like how these graphics and MP only gamers

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Lennoxb631286d ago

Graphics have always sold games. Other aspects of gaming people either don't know, or care about. Frame rate has never been a selling point because most people don't know what a frame or frame rate is. Gameplay has always sold games as well. It's why games like PUBG aren't looking too hot or running that well can still prevail.

SuperSonic911285d ago

This 👍
Graphics is the gamers first impression of any video game.
It is what attracts any gamer.
How can you sell a game without anyone seeing it?
Even game play is shown by using graphics.
Graphics and gameplay are both eaqually important to sell a video game.
Nintendo fans who say graphics don't matter out of brand loyalty are the most backward thinkers in gaming.

Imalwaysright1285d ago

Graphics sell games but are far, really far, from being the main reason why most people buy consoles/games. PS4 was the 1st time I've seen the most powerful console outselling the competition and I've been gaming for more than 25 years. I say "was" because the X1X is now the most powerful console and still, gamers prefer the Switch and the PS4. Not only that but people buy more PS4 than PS4 pro consoles and more X1 than X1X consoles. On PC market most gamers have medium to low range PCs. Nintendo fans aren't any different than the vast majority gamers who don't have graphics as the priority but nice try though.

Ashlen1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Then how do you explain the Switch or the success of indie games and games like Minecraft?

Perhaps Switch owners who prefer gameplay over graphics aren't the ones who are backwards and it's the people who value resolution that are backwards.

SuperSonic911285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

We know Nintendo games do not need high end graphics to sell to you Nintendo fans, the parents and their kids they are aimed at.
But remember the SNES, N64, Gamecube where known for their graphics power as their selling point. Mario, Donkey Kong , Zelda, Starfox, etc all had cutting edge graphics as their selling point during those times.

marloc_x1284d ago

..huge collections of pretty games that are never played.

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Lennoxb631285d ago


"PS4 was the 1st time I've seen the most powerful console outselling the competition and I've been gaming for more than 25 years."

It doesn't matter whether PS is the weakest console or the strongest. It's going to outsell Xbox regardless. It's a more established brand. Even Nintendo couldn't beat PS and it had the power advantage over PS for a gen and a half (Gamecube, Wii U).

SuperSonic911285d ago

Nintendo fans have selective amnesia lol!

Imalwaysright1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

SuperSonic91 aka edmix aka venonsomethingsomethingx

"selective amnesia" Facts are facts. Deal with them.


Nope. PS3 only started to get on track and closing the gap with the 360 when the PS3 slim was released accompanied by a price cut. PS brand is more powerful than the Xbox brand but that doesn't mean that consumers will choose it by default.

" Even Nintendo couldn't beat PS and it had the power advantage over PS for a gen and a half (Gamecube, Wii U)."

Yeah, it took a weaker nintendo console to outsell a Sony console: Wii which just proves what I said in my comment above. For most gamers there are more important things than graphics/power.

Lsker1011285d ago

Well most Sony games sell off of the premise of graphics, I mean Uncharted has some of the most uninspired and generic gameplay but it's graphics are steller, same with Spiderman and God of War, it's always about graphics.

Rude-ro1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

😂😂😂 oh wait... you are being serious... 😂😂😂

Lsker1011285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Truth sucks, I know. I can't remember the last time a Sony game, not a 3rd party game or a Sony owned IP made by an external studio like Bloodborne or Ratchet, was praised for having good gameplay mechanics.

Rude-ro1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

You preach the “truth” Lsker101! with your brand new account with nothing but Sony attacking comments. We will all believe you. 😂😂😂
Too funny.

Your taste in games must be very lacking if it is new game mechanics that you are looking for.
Care to list some examples?

Aenea1285d ago

Wow, a recent account and already trolling hard I see!

G20WLY1285d ago

Wonderful isn't it? New account, less than an hour old and already 20 comments, all trolling Sony 😂

I wonder which of the regulars this account belongs too.. 🤔?

Obscure_Observer1285d ago


"Wow, a recent account and already trolling hard I see!'

This seems to be a common practice nowdays on N4G. Just report the trolls over their comment history and the mods will do the rest.

OffRoadKing1285d ago

When did you play Spider-Man?