We Need Digital Consumer Protection Rights in 2018

NerdBite: "Without beating around the bush, we seriously need consumer protection rights going forward into the new year; some countries already have their ducks in a row, in that regard, and it’s high time we collectively take a step back and address this issue before it magnifies. Let’s put loot crates and Logan Paul on the back burner for a moment and recognize a commonplace concern with digital media."

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PhoenixUp1289d ago

Until this gets sorted out, I’ll never understand people who advocate for a digital only future rather than having the continued option of physical or digital.

xisasejaj1288d ago

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sigrid1288d ago

My protection is called not buying digital.

Godmars2901288d ago

But more and more you're given less choice. If you've bought DLC for a physical game, you already have lost.

Hell, MasterCornholio proves that. I even gave up and got a Steam account.

UltraNova1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I bought bf1 on disk then bought the season pass. Shameful I know...but that was the only way to get those maps and play them while people stil bothered with the game.

I want to play HZD's dlc too but in this case I will trade in the og disc for the GotY edition and keep it. I have the choice here.

I will buy physical for as long as I can (all SP games will be physical. * Hellblade was an exception) but I cannot deny that digital will take over in the future. God help us when physical dies....

The_KELRaTH1288d ago

Yeah CoD expansion /season passes are probably the best example of digital lock down effect. There is no way in hell that these packs would still be selling 3 - 4 years later for the same full retail price if they were sold through the retail market channels.

It's a real shame as it effects both gamers that stand their ground and don't buy and those that do buy but then find there's not many players to compete with.

agent45321287d ago

Sure but online passes still exist and on top of that the games are being sold in piece meal (DLC, loot boxes, microtransanctions) regardless of physical or digital distribution.

rainslacker1287d ago

I'll buy digital if the price is right. But I like my collection.

I can't argue against more consumer protection for any consumer product so long as it doesn't venture into the regulation of actual content.

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bigmalky1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I agree. What we also need is the right to refund if a game is not patched to a playable level within the first 3-6 months of purchase.

My example (excuse the game) is WWE 2K18. It was released in October 2017, with a day one patch to fix existing bugs. It still had bugs that broke entire mode progression, and a lot of minor ones.

Three months on, there have been multiple patches that have stated they have fixed certain things, while also breaking other mechanics or not even fixing the things stated on the patch notes. This is the fourth year that the game has been produced as so, and 2K gets away with it because basically, you can't claim a refund 30 days after purchase and they have not even begun to fix the game in that time period, instead, focusing on releasing DLC.

They leave the games in an unfinished broken state and start work on the next, inevitably broken game. People still pre-order and the cycle repeats.

It's shameful, but there you have it. You can partially blame the customers, but the real fault lies with a dev team and publisher who don't really care once they have the money. This should be punished.

agent45321287d ago

I don't get the disagrees but you are absolutely on point

bigmalky1287d ago

I have no idea. It's as if people are happy to accept that they can pay for an item, never to have it fixed.

Not sure if comprehension of my post is a problem.

rainslacker1287d ago

I'd say a right to refund until a game is patched. Whether it's a day or 3 months, if the game isn't working when you buy it, you should be entitled to a refund. I can't think of very many consumer products where you are expected to wait it out for a working product. I understand sometimes, unforeseen issues happen, but almost without fail, every product out there you can get a refund on if it doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

Personally, I'd prefer to see games release without the need for major updates. Its fine to have updates to fix minor issues, but a lot of games get released which have major issues. Those shouldn't even be able to make it through compliance testing, and the console makers seem to be giving too much leeway to publishers on this aspect.

PUBG1288d ago

I like digital purchases for games for various reasons, but I would never want to see the physical option be taken away. We certainly need legal rules surrounding maintaining access to a digital library of individually purchased games without a subscription, proper return/refund policies enshrined in law, and something that legally guarantees that the digital games that you have purchased, will be unlocked if the service that you are using decides to get out of the video game business or if they simply go out of business.

Officialxandr1288d ago

I don't buy digital games because I like having a physical version, but I agree with this. I remember Marvel Heroes had a 5 year contract to keep the game on consoles and they shut it down. PlayStation didn't refund those who bought the founder packs. There needs to be some sort of constitution for it to protect us in those type of situations.

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