PS4 vs PS3 in Japan – VGChartz Gap Charts – November 2017 Update

November 2017 is the 46th month of the PlayStation 4 being on sale in Japan. The gap grew in favor of the PlayStation 4 by 224 units in the last month and in favor of the PlayStation 3 by 244,384 units in the last 12 months. The PlayStation 4 currently leads by just 6,692 units.

The PlayStation 3 launched in November 2006, while the PlayStation 4 launched in February 2014. The PlayStation 4 has sold 5.56 million units, while its predecessor the PlayStation 3 sold 5.55 million units.

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FallenAngel1984368d ago

PS4 had DQXI, P5 & FFXV and it’s only 6.7K ahead of PS4 in Japan in the same timeframe

G20WLY367d ago

Monster Hunter will help soon, you'd have to imagine.

G20WLY367d ago

Lmao, I'd love to hear why someone would think Monster Hunter won't help sell PS4 in Japan 😂

FallenAngel1984367d ago

Of course it’ll help but you’re still missing the point. Even with something as huge as DQXI, the biggest game PS4 will ever have in the region, PS4 still isn’t dramatically ahead of PS3 in the same timeframe.

Even when MHW releases it’ll raise sales but it won’t dramatically propel PS4 ahead of PS3 in the long term.

G20WLY367d ago

Sorry, why must it be dramatically ahead of PS3 again? I mean, it's nice to see, as that would demonstrate the home console market is strong, but if it's not, what can you do? 🤷‍♂️

FallenAngel1984367d ago

Because even with these major games PS4 is barely above PS3. PS3 didn’t have Dragon Quest yet it was able to keep pace with what PS4 is doing now.

It’s unlikely any other PS4 game can change that at this point.

The console is doing well, but it’s stagnant to the same sales its predecessor had

ABizzel1367d ago

The things is what else can they do at this point. As you've said they've had the biggest JP franchises available to them launch on their console.

JP is primarily a mobile market, and specifically a Nintendo mobile market when it comes to the big 3. What else is there that Sony could do for their console when the JP community only care about portability? What can MS do? What could Nintendo do with their home consoles?

If it's not portable or dirt cheap at launch it's going to struggle to break 10m in JP going forward.

FallenAngel1984367d ago

There’s not much more Sony can do at this point. PS4 will end up selling between 10.5-11 million in Japan. Even the very successful Wii was only able to do 12 million in the region.

Surprisingly even Vita isn’t going to pass 10 million in Japan despite it being a portable

G20WLY367d ago

I still don't understand why you think it has to dramatically outsell PS3?

Is there a logic behind that, or is it just because it makes a nice headline?

We've all watched the gradual decline of the home console market in Japan for years. Occasional blips on the graph, but by and large, the Japanese consumers seem to prefer mobile gaming.

If PS4 doesn't outsell PS3, what does that mean and where does that leave Sony and the gamers? Feels like the same place we are now; chilling, gaming, having fun..

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FallenAngel1984366d ago

Because I’m talking about PS4 sales being on par with its predecessor and you’re bringing up MHW like it’ll make a big difference in the sales gap during the long term.

G20WLY366d ago

Come on now, that's not what I said, is it?

FallenAngel1984366d ago

You said MHW will help PS4 as opposed to PS3’s sales in the same timeframe. What else did you mean by it?

G20WLY366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I meant that MHW will help sell PS4?

Why must you twist this? Are you putting words into my mouth to try to win some random online debate that doesn't exist?

If we're going to be silly, you didn't even mention the PS3 in your original comment. Go check.

If it's a 'win' you're after, go ahead, take this 🏆 and be happy 😊

FallenAngel1984365d ago

Of course MHW will obviously help PS4 sell.

However in an article comparing PS3 & PS4 sales, I can’t help but comment on MHW being able to raise sales in short term but not in long term to propel it dramatically ahead of PS3 in the long term

I meant to put PS3 in my original comment, but I must’ve accidentally typed 4 instead of 3 on my smartphone

G20WLY365d ago

I agree, and I know bud, I'm just being silly re PS3 😉

FallenAngel1984365d ago

Lmao I busted laughing when I saw my own typo

G20WLY364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

😂 👍

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