With 3 Million Players and Counting Microsoft Could Acquire Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Xbox didn’t have a wonderful year in 2017, but Microsoft is probably pushing that disappointment to the sidelines because PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is performing very well on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1105d ago

Acquiring PUBG and Bluehole would likely cost 100s of millions. Money that maybe better spent on more experienced studios, forming new studios, and funding other owned projects.

Godmars2901105d ago

And which do you think they'll do between a well recognized popular title, they can keep to themselves, or "gamble" with a new IP?

Kribwalker1105d ago

well they are gambling on a new IP this year, and if rumours are true, there’s more coming in the pipeline so why not buy one of the most popular games out there and add it to your stable. They are one of the richest companies out there so they can afford to do both

Sciurus_vulgaris1105d ago

MS probably won't try to outright buy PUBG, the game already has publishing deals with Tencent (a massive company). I am not sure if MS has to gamble with new IPs to create new projects.Microsoft has a large vault of IPs that they can use for future projects, hence the rumored Perfect Dark and Fable reboots/ new entries.

uptownsoul1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

@Kribwalker - " why not buy one of the most popular games out there and add it to your stable. They are one of the richest companies out there so they can afford to do both"

Just because Microsoft is one of the richest companies out there doesn't mean they are willing to lose money. And the price that it would cost them to acquire the game/studio will all but assuredly be substantial. And I have yet seen anybody show how Microsoft would make back that substantial price tag in order to break even. The only thing I can see that would make them that kind of money back is a huge influx of loot boxes

(I know some might be tempted to say Minecraft had a substantial price tag but it became profitable for Microsoft. That is very true. But part of the way Microsoft made their profit from Minecraft was continuing to sell on competing devices (Apple products & PlayStation, etc...)

fiveby91104d ago

MS's track record with 1st party studios is not that great. Fans of Bluehole should be worried. Feels desperate on MS's part.

NXFather1104d ago

Well rumor is they are looking to buy.

kreate1104d ago

Buying out the game and the studio is wishful thinking.

This is a eastern developer. Something MS doesn't care too much for.

Xx_Pistol_xX1104d ago

@Kribwalker just because Microsoft as a business has a lot of money doesn't mean that the Xbox branch has unlimited spending. Especially when it's a division that lost them a lot of money over the years.

RosweeSon1104d ago

Popular on Xbox where choice is limited.

chaos-emeralds1103d ago

The whole Minecraft thing Microsoft has going on with it being multi platform and making a ton of money, doesn't it make sense to make the Xbox platform the same. I think its in the works.

rainslacker1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

PUBG may not have lasting appeal though. Paying 100 million now for a franchise which may not be worth that much a year from now seems pointless just to obtain the franchise. MS could easily close the studio, or better yet, make their own game with that money. They're already gaining all the benefits for having it on their system, so it makes little sense to buy it when its future can only be speculated on.

Personally, if I were a backer of the game, I'd be pretty pissed if the people who promised me a full game sold out so soon. That isn't what people paid for. They paid for this company to deliver a product, not to build their worth for an early cash out.

Godmars2901103d ago

If the game is incomplete that's only slightly more for them to put it more under MS's influence. Especially if its true that the devs are more focused on MTs than bug fixes.

From what little I know or really care about PUGB the guy who made is as much about keeping this "original" idea under his control like Harmony Gold and Macross.

(F***ing Harmony Gold...)

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Godmars2901105d ago

How much did MS pay for Minecraft? A billion? You honestly think they wouldn't spend that kind of money just to keep a full game off Playstation like they have with Minecraft DLC?

Likewise MS doesn't "gamble" or invest in new IPs, they spend tons of money promoting one, but then only specifically target it towards one group seemingly not realizing that they are.

Sitdown1104d ago

Isn't Minecraft still on other consoles? They acquired it because of the profit they knew it would turn, not to keep it out the hands of Sony.

Gazondaily1104d ago

"You honestly think they wouldn't spend that kind of money just to keep a full game off Playstation like they have with Minecraft DLC? "

Pretty sure it was Sony's stance that resulted in the Minecraft DLC not being made available to it's users.

And spending a million to 'keep it off PlayStation?' Are you actually serious? You don't think it had anything to do with....making money...and the title being bought on as many platforms as possible would make them even more money.

Godmars2901104d ago

Minecraft was already on the Playstation, just like Gears of War wasn't when MS bought that IP amid rumor of it going fully multi.

ZwVw1104d ago

That two billion that MS spent on buying Mojang (not just Minecraft) was a prime reason as to why a handful of their studios and projects had gotten axed shortly after. Compensation.

Kiwi661104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

PS4 gets minecraft updates and dlc just not the Better Together one seeing as Sony have refused it as here's a couple of reports on it
28/6/17 Sony refused to have anything to do with the service (better together update) but it will continue to get future dlc and updates

29/9/17 The Minecraft devs are still in talks with Sony about the Better Together update
12/10/17 Sony still won't allow cross-platform play with Minecraft
So tell us again how MS is keeping things off of PS4

Godmars2901104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Minecraft is still an after it was acquired while already on the PS4 example. PUGB would become a former. Given that MS have restricted multiplatform content in the past, GTA, Tomb Raider, I don't see MS allowing it unless a contact was already drawn up betweewn Sony and PUGB's dev. THEN the blame of limited content and cross play would fall on Sony's shoulders.

I really don't get why people hold onto exacts during these kind arguments.

Kiwi661104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

You claimed that Minecraft dlc is being kept from PS so i simply provided evidence to show that its not completely true as like stated in my reply, PS gets all dlc except for the one they chose not to have and so i included evidence to back it up rather than just making a statement with nothing to support it

Psychosious1104d ago

I’m not buying a console for one damn game.

DJStotty1103d ago

2.5 billion dollars for mojang and minecraft

rainslacker1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Minecraft is a proven success, and merchandising rights alone make it worth while. There was really no risk involved.

PUBG OTOH is an unfinished product, with no trending data to say that it will ever achieve anything more than it already has. The company itself is worth what it is because they have already been paid to deliver a product. They aren't worth what they are because they have delivered a product, and that product itself doesn't have a real defined value that can really be substantiated to investors to say that it's worth buying at the companies current worth.

For a fraction of what it would cost to purchase Bluehole, MS could make it's own BG game. Despite all the criticism they get, they could actually make a better one, and probably have it released before BlueHole ever delivers on a finished PUBG game. Hell, they have 343 and The Coalition which have plenty of experience in MP games to design a solid experience.

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Ashlen1105d ago

100's of millions...the franchise has already made over a billion(s).

Bluehole is a large studio they are not going to sell it. This is like saying Microsoft should buy CoD or FIFA, EA and Activision would never sell them because they know that over time they will generate more money than Microsoft has in the bank.

This is the same dumb commentary we see on the site all the time from people who have ZERO understanding of business. Microsoft can't buy things that aren't for sale.

DillyDilly1104d ago

If the price is right anything is for sale

subtenko1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Its like sayin Microsoft should acquire Overwatch..

@DillyDilly Nope....there was a simple test done on trying to buy peoples dogs for 100,000. They all said no. He even tried for $3million. Some things dont have a price and are NOT for sale....but then if you find the right person who have no morals or sentimental/personal value then you are technically right sadly

yeahokwhatever1104d ago

I'd sell my dog for a thousand dollars. It's a dog.

Ashlen1104d ago


If your dog was making $10,000 per year would you sell your dog for $1,000?

OpenGL1104d ago

Microsoft COULD buy Bluehole but the amount they'd have to pay might make the purchase illogical. No point in spending $2 billion on a company that only has a single product in its portfolio, with no guarantee that it'll ever make back that $2 billion.

yeahokwhatever1104d ago

No, but I'd have a nicer insurance policy on him and sell him after about 5 years and buy a few more of these magical dogs. :-D

kreate1104d ago

"If your dog was making $10,000 per year would you sell your dog for $1,000?"


U pretty much pwn'd the guy with that comment.

Sharky2311104d ago

I work for a company that wasn’t for sell. It got bought anyways! Money talks!

conanlifts1104d ago

Well technically everything can be purchased for the right price. If MS came in with an absurd offer I am sure they would sell it. The real question is whether spending 1+ billion (or far more) on a single IP is worthwhile for MS or gamers. If they put that money into recruitment, new studios and new IPS they could make more than 1 IP and it would be more beneficial for gamers.
They could even take a step back and jump on the bandwagon with a gears of war or Halo battle royale game to further milk their own franchises. But as an MS fan I would not be impressed if MS purchased this game instead of developing a dozen new titles of their own.

conanlifts1104d ago

"If your dog was making $10,000 per year would you sell your dog for $1,000?"

No but you might sell him for $40,000-$50,000. It frees up resources, it is pure profit and it requires no further expenditure to keep it turning over. Plus you eliminate the risk of the product collapsing in 2 years time and destroying your income.

PFFT1104d ago

If they do buy or they dont is not up to us. They are the ones making the deals. And no matter how much people cry and moan it wont stop the deals from happening.

PFFT1104d ago

"No but you might sell him for $40,000-$50,000. It frees up resources, it is pure profit and it requires no further expenditure to keep it turning over. Plus you eliminate the risk of the product collapsing in 2 years time and destroying your income."

You just pwn'd that guy.

Ashlen1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

You guys say should buy game studios all the time They should buy Sony they should buy Sega they should buy Square/Enix they should buy Remedy they should buy Crytek. These are all companies I have seen people say Microsoft should buy, how many have they bought.... zero.

As for PUBG they apparently tried to buy exclusivity and as we know Bluehole still is planning to launch it on other consoles so they couldn't even buy that. Again Microsoft can't buy what is not for sale.


Ya know decent reply... But lets be honest here Bluehole is a game company they make and manage games. They formed an entire subsidiary called PUBG corp. to run the game. PUBG corp has locations in Japan, EU and the US. They are dedicated to the game they aren't going sell it.

kreate1103d ago

This is a arguement on a hypothetical situation. I understand u guys want more games on the Xbox, but PUBG and it's developer getting bought out by MS is not happening. This is a eastern developer, MS is not comfortable dealing w eastern develipers. It's wishful thinking.

I can see fortnite and epic being bought out by MS but can't see PUBG being bought out.

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butchertroll1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

According to Zhuge from Resetera, They tried! Bluehole said no.

subtenko1104d ago

Let them do it....I wanna see how this pans out....

Obscure_Observer1104d ago


I Agree. I personally think that acquiring Minecraft hurt their first party studios and game projects somehow.

Better spend those millions at something trully meanful which will give Xbox more and bigger first party exclusives games and studios.

Sciurus_vulgaris1104d ago

Microsoft made back the cost of acquiring Minecraft in only 2 years. The profits from Minercaft can help MS fund games, also they acquired a developer in Mojang. But I myself, haven’t seen this increase first party development investments as of yet, however things take time. Also, I don’t think buying successful IPs will help MS build their first party as much as creating new studios and 2nd party partnerships would.

Eldyraen1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

They bought Minecraft, I don’t think “where else money could go” is a big concern for them when these things pop up.

Ghost_0f_Tsushima1104d ago

“With 3 Million Players and Counting Microsoft Could Acquire Playerunknown's Battlegrounds”

PUBGs end goal is to be on all platforms. I assume they don’t want to be purchased by Microsoft.

butchertroll1104d ago

I wrote few hours ago ( posts above ). They tried.

RommyReigns1104d ago

Microsoft bought Minecraft for billions, acquiring Bluehole would be like a drop in the ocean for them.

Cyborgg1104d ago

According to Zhuge from Resetera, They tried! Bluehole said no.

getbacktogaming1104d ago

I would have agreed with you about spending money more wisely elsewhere but then look at how much Minecraft cost Microsoft!!! Meanwhile Microsoft keep investing almost exclusively in multiplayer games (as far as first party games go) whereas Sony spend much more on single player masterpieces. To each their own :D.

conanlifts1104d ago

They purchased Minecraft for a few Billion $, it wouldn't surprise me if they purchased PUBG for an insane amount as well. The issue is that if they spent $1 billion on PUBG they could have created a dozen AAA ips for that or started up multiple new studios. Personally I would rather they ploughed the money into new games and studios.

rousseau881104d ago

100 millions is chump change for MS 21.2B EUR of profit in 2017

Xx_Pistol_xX1104d ago

Not for nothing they did also spend millions on acquiring Minecraft which could have ben spend on more experienced studios, forming new studios, and funding other owned projects. Just saying.

DJStotty1103d ago

You mean like the billions they paid for minecraft? 100s of millions is pocket change

princejb1341103d ago

knowing microsoft theyll pay 100s of millions just to close the studio a year later

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AspiringProGenji1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

It is a trendy game so those 3M could fall pretty quickly, like Ark was popular before then suddenly everyone forgot. Not saying the game isn’t good. I finally gave it another chance and I am starting to enjoy it. But adquiring this and the studio because of 3M players seems Like an unnecessary risk at least for the moment.

Kribwalker1105d ago

well with xbox and PC combined it’s over 30 million users by dec 31......that’s the biggest game of last year

doos_vd_kak1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

biggest =/= best

and best, it definitely is not.

frostypants1104d ago

I'd wager it's going to see one of the biggest population collapses this year.

PlayableGamez-1104d ago

The game is growing continuously.
I can see PUBG being popular for a long time.

yeahokwhatever1104d ago

Absolutely. It's here to stay. Bluehole would be insane not to already be building a team to start work on PUBG2 as a full AAA multi-platform launch for about 2 years out.

Yohshida1104d ago

Ark is currently #6 on Steam most played, ye everyone forgot

yeahokwhatever1104d ago

1. Nobody has forgotten Ark. It's still popular.
2. PUBG is way more popular than Ark ever was.
3. That's 3 million CONCURRENT users... the game has sold tens of millions of copies.

DJStotty1103d ago

3M + on xbox, 27M+ on PC, 30M+ players all playing 1 game. Very profitable acquisition

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-Foxtrot1105d ago

But...if it's on the PS4 and the Xbox One then you're going to have a LOT more players

Something I don't think these guys will want to close the door on.

Brian76554921105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Let's talk about closing doors, would Sony allow those players to play together though?

We also have to consider the position the Xbox is in. Many will say it needs games to compete agansit platforms like the PS4. So how can you argue you want the Xbox platform to offer more while pushing for games to be multi-platform because the PS4 offers such a large userbase to sell games on? First party studios is never enough which is why even Ninetdno will go after third party acquisitions.

Death1105d ago

I think some are content complaining and don’t actually want Microsoft to do well.

OB1Biker1105d ago

'pushing for games to be multi-platform'
well its no pushing if the game is supposed to be multiplat as BlueHole already said. Unless Ms pulls a Mojang and still keep it multiplat which is fine by me

-Foxtrot1105d ago


How is thinking about the other market share not wanting MS to do well...they don't even relate to each other. It's you and your "Everyone hates MS for no reason" way of thinking like they've done nothing wrong.

DillyDilly1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Its on PC & coming to Mobile in Japan which will no doubt eventually release in other countries & could eventually get on the Switch if Microsoft & Nintendo allows it & all of that could have CrossPlatform Play. Something tells me no one will lose sleep if Sony does not get this game besides Sony fans