Civilization VI is now available for peanuts on Humble Bundle Monthly

If you're looking to get Civilization VI, it would be worthwhile to pick it up on the Humble Monthly Bundle.

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Michiel1989279d ago

Great game, best civ game so far imo. Pick it up guys ^^

solvemymaze278d ago

I agree, it's an amazing game and well worth the $12.

CoolHandLuke278d ago

Awesome share. Was ready for buying this the other day on Steam but couldn't justify the cost. I'm glad I came across this :) Thanks for saving me a lot of money. Looking forward to seeing what other games are going to be in the bundle.

solvemymaze278d ago

You're very welcome. I'm glad I've saved you a fair bit of money! Plus you're also helping charity when you're going down the humble route.

Multimega278d ago

Definitely worth the money. Ive been subbed to the monthly bundles for a few months now and for the nearly $40 ive spent (not including this month), it's been nearly $600 worth of games. It's a no brainer.

solvemymaze278d ago

The savings to be made on humble are fantastic. It's a shame that more people don't take up the offer; they're losing money otherwise.

Multimega278d ago

I agree. Its always exciting to see what games are coming up next.

TheShreddertron276d ago

Just signed up for this, thanks.