Level-5 Announces The Snack World coming to Nintendo Switch

Level-5 recently announced in latest issue of CoroCoro Comic that the food obsessed Nintendo 3DS game The Snack World is heading to the Switch.

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ibrake4naps303d ago


zexetux303d ago

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execution17303d ago

🤔 still no white knight chronicles remaster or sequel

Aceman18303d ago

This was not the level 5 type game I was hoping to hear about lol.

3-4-5302d ago

Same, but it does resemble Fantasy Life a bit and that game is amazing for 3DS.

I'll buy it for sure as it looks good enough...Don't let the name fool you, it actually looks like a decent RPG.....not great, but good enough.

I'm really hoping for a true real Fantasy Life 2...not that ios bs.

BadElf303d ago

What a shame Professor Layton Can t be done any more......