Switch Console Exclusives For 2018, Nintendo Switch Is In Full Swing

Console exclusives are one of the major reasons to own any particular console over another. With that said, what does the Nintendo Switch bring to the table in 2018?

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Ghost_0f_Tsushima304d ago

Amazing lineup. Where’s Pikmin 4 though?

303d ago
3-4-5303d ago

A lot of unannounced games that we won't hear of until the next Direct &/or E3. It's being made though so we will get it eventually.

303d ago
Majin-vegeta304d ago

Is there a release date for Hyrule warriors?

303d ago
xPhearR3dx303d ago

Am I missing something with Hyrule Warriors? I passed on the Wii U and 3ds version, but many people seemed really happy about the Switch announcement. From what I've seen, it looks exactly like Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin. Kinda lost interest in those games as I got older, does this do anything different or no?

WeAreLegion303d ago

Nothing super different, but it's a fun game if you like Musou stuff. Same with Dragon Quest Heroes. I like both more than the main Dynasty Warriors games.

Uken12303d ago

Hyrule Warriors is kinda boring tbh. My bro bought it and we tried. It’s just mash buttons on lifeless enemies. Easily gets boring.
It has cool moves and good designs/art.

The 10th Rider303d ago

I think the excitement is partially from the fact that the game has like $43 in DLC and certain content that was only available on the 3DS. Finally it'll all be available in one package for less than it would cost to purchase it all separately. Also the game should have better performance and co-op will hopefully run much more smoothly. I passed on the Wii U version because of poor co-op performance and the amount of DLC. I didn't even think about picking up Fire Emblem Warriors because of the amount of DLC that will be coming for it. Finally getting everything for Hyrule Warriors in a package that should run better than either of the earlier versions might motivate me to pick it up.

wonderfulmonkeyman302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Well, it has the Fairy system and an upgrade tree that requires both rupees and materials that are specific to each character, and there are also sub-weapons from the Zelda series that are used to weaken boss characters [and to help you survive against some enemies that you shouldn't fight head-on due to severe mission conditions sometimes].
But other than those points, it's a standard Musou game, which isn't a bad thing as the music maps and characters being right out of Zelda does make it more fun/unique in some cases. [Zant and his spin-to-win is particularly amusing]

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PhoenixUp304d ago

Nintendo doing what they best

WeAreLegion303d ago

Remasters and sequels?

With new IPs coming from 3rd party developers?

-Foxtrot303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

If it was sequels I'd rather see a sequel to Mother or F-Zero.

A new Mother game has been asked about for so long.

coolastheycome303d ago

The PS4 is loaded with remasters and sequels.

WeAreLegion303d ago

@cool - Yes, it is! :D It also has a lot of new IPs. Did you know you're allowed to make both? Nintendo doesn't!

Shiken303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

ARMs is a new IP, Splatoon is a fairly new IP, Xenoblade is similar to Final Fantasy where each new game has its own identity and style. Also you are speaking of a console that literally has been out for less than a year. How many new IPs did Sony have on PS4 until Bloodborne hit 2 years later...Knack and maybe Driveclub?

It is also worth noting that Nintendo has more 1st party IPs than Sony and MS combined (not that MS had much to contribute). Do you know how that happened? BY MAKING NEW IPs!

Sony is no slouch in the 1st party IP department, don't get me wrong. But you are fooling yourself if you think they have anywhere near the same amount as Nintendo.

Troll harder

EddieNX 303d ago

What's wrong with old IPS? Nintendos have the same appeal as Star Wars.
And they always do something new with their IP eg BOTW is nothing like any other Zelda game.

Nintendo is the King of exclusives. Always have been and always will

3-4-5303d ago

I mean....ARMS & Splatoon don't count now?

There will be other new IP's as well, but no smart developer would completely abandon good solid quality IPs, like the ones Nintendo has.

If sony had those IPs, they would 100% put out at least as many sequels and remasters as Nintendo did/does.

Stop hating and go have fun playing a game or something.

Strafe303d ago

'WeAreLegion' Nintendo has new ips, it's not their problem if you don't see them. Those Sony glasses get in the way.

WeAreLegion303d ago

No, indie games masquerading as AAAs don't count. Even if they charge us $60 for them.

What Sony glasses? I like all these games. I'm very excited to play Nintendo's lineup this year. I'm just pointing out their weakness. For Sony, it's supporting their handhelds, integrating software between all their products, and not understanding the western market outside of their gaming division. They also EASILY could have given us a PS2/PS2 emulator on PS4, but didn't.

Where are my glasses now? Why is everyone a fanboy to you people?

Shiken303d ago


What indie games are you talking about? No one made any mention of indie games.

Uken12303d ago

@Shiken I feel like you are the only other person to ever say this on N4G. I say the same thing about PS4 only having Bloodborne 2 years after release.

People harp on Nintendo but forget to realize the only reason they have been competing and profitable since N64 is because of their 1st party games.

quent303d ago

No, that would be Sony

303d ago
Cobra951302d ago

Some IPs are so popular they become franchises. Does anyone think of Ocarina of Time as a mere Zelda sequel?

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WeAreLegion303d ago

Super excited for Yoshi. I love the platforming in those games.

NotoriousWhiz303d ago

I'll be getting either Kirby or Yoshi depending on which my wife wants to play.

WeAreLegion303d ago

Gotta get both, man! I like Kirby, too.

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Strafe303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Look. here's WeAreLegion in SuperSincere Mode. He really loves the platforming in those games. He's Sincere.

ᴸʸᶦᶰᵍ ᵖʳᶦᶜᵏ⋅

Athos303d ago

The last comment really wasn't called for. It's just video games.

WeAreLegion303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Lol. What? I love Yoshi games. Where is this coming from?

It's been a while since someone called me something on here. I think last time I was a "PC elitist" because I like my Vive.

septemberindecember303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

I just don’t think that this is everything. I bet we hear about more.

CBaoth303d ago

I hope so. There isn't a single IP aside from Pokemon that could be considered a system seller in the West. Even Metroid 4, the Ninty game I'm looking forward to the most historically sells low. Not saying these aren't great games, they just don't move the barometer like the big boys. I betcha we see a Smash bros. deluxe edition sometime around summer and if Pokemon is delayed probably Animal Crossing in the fall

Seraphim303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

I think at this point Nintendo has their system sellers & has a console that is doing more than well. Console sellers such as Zelda BoTW, Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2 (if you're into RPGs) have all been released year 1. Odyssey was incredible and Xenoblade so far has been phenomenal. Granted more "console sellers" are needed and I certainly hope to see them coming w/in the next 2 years. Both new titles are hopefully some remasters such as Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Super Mario Bros U to name a few.

I think a big problem with this list specifically is that some of these games won't be released until 2019 or even later. Especially SMT V which I'd be incredibly surprised to see in '18 and perhaps surprised by a '19 release even. Others we really have no clue. Like Metroid, have they even shown that yet? Seems likely that's a game a ways out if they've yet to even show it

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