The PS Vita Brought Me Back to Video Games

"The PlayStation Vita is an under-appreciated piece of hardware, many gamers are quick to write the Vita off, usually with the common reaction of “It has no games”, which simply is not true. The PS Vita not only changed how I feel about video games as a whole, but also set in motion a chain of events that greatly affected my life." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp374d ago

Nice to see Vita getting some appreciation

ptownjbo373d ago

It'll always be near and dear to my heart :)

Protagonist373d ago

Love the Vita enthusiasm. Keep it up, also play P3P asap. Most looking forward to Catherine for the Vita.

Espangerish373d ago

Still play mine nearly everyday and I got mine on launch day.

Hoping Sony will see the success of the switch as a sign that portable consoles do have a place and try again.

ptownjbo373d ago

I’m hoping the same. Crossing my fingers.

Fist4achin373d ago

That would be awesome and to also not have all the proprietary efforts they put into the Vita and I think it would do well.

mastiffchild373d ago

Vita is class hardware let down by Sony. First the greedy memory nonsense and then dropping support so early. PSP was also quality and I use both to this day but Sony won't be back mobile again.

You cannot compete with Pokemon on handheld.