2018 Is Another Insane Year for Japanese Games on PS4

The last couple of years have been fantastic for Japanese games on PlayStation 4. The Land of the Rising Sun has knocked it out of the park in recent times, but from where we're sitting, 2018 could turn out to be the best period of all. The next 12 months are set to host a load of highly anticipated Japanese titles that span a bunch of different genres, so we've put together this guide on everything that's looking especially promising.

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PhoenixUp277d ago

Every year has insane Japanese support on PlayStation systems

Aceman18276d ago

Hmm I thought I read someone's comment the other day about PS4 losing the support of Japanese devs because the switch was selling so well. I wonder what nonsense he'd utter if he read this article lol.

SuperSonic91276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

They are living a delusional dream. 3rd party japanese games have found phenomenal success on PS4 (& PC) no matter how niche they are. If PS3 made blu-ray popular PS4 catapulted japanese games to stardom.

You will see 2B cosplayers in every comic convention after the release of NieR Automata.

When these niche games on PlayStation sell around 2 million copies, rivalling AAA game sales, you can be sure even more bigger games are bound to come.

When niche Gundam games are getting localized that is a great sign that japanese games are popular again in the west.

PS4 go far and wide sowing many japanese games worldwide and after that the fanbases grow deep roots making it easier for japanese devs and publishers to sell their games outside Japan.

fisok276d ago

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Relientk77276d ago

Dragon Quest XI, Ni no Kuni 2, Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steel III, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, and many more.

Let's go

Big_Game_Hunters276d ago

Kingsom hearts in 2018? I could have the game in my hands and i still wouldn't believe it.