PUBG Xbox Patch 5 Details (Build – New Control Schemes

ShadyArmik takes an in depth look into the fifth Xbox One PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch. We dig deep through the patch notes and discover some very annoying control related issues have finally been addressed!

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alb1899279d ago

It is the best invest I have done in video games and will only get better!

PFFT279d ago

Yep! Little by little its getting better. As it should.

279d ago
ULTp0ltergeist279d ago

I'm surprised how quickly patches are releasing and noticeable improvements at least on the X for me.

jrshankill278d ago

– Pistols have been removed from Y button’s weapon rotation and grouped with the melee weapon.

Man this took me a while to work out. I thought it was a bug at first. Think I would prefer it grouped with the rest of the firearms, maybe holding Y for Shotguns / Auto Rifles / Sniper Rifles and tapping for pistols.

Will get used to it soon enough