Resident Evil Official Social Media Accounts Might Be Gearing Up For A New Tease

Are we getting closer to an official reveal for Resident Evil 2 Remake?

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Hardiman329d ago

RE2 Remake news and gameplay please!!!

GamesMaster1982329d ago

Nah just have the RE2 Remake in the same way as Resi 1 Remake and ill be the happiest guy in the world. I mean if they added VR as a second option like say how Resi 7 was then ill be fine by that. But please don't make VR a priority in this., Because ive been waiting for this the best resident evil game to be remade since PS2 came out.

MrSwankSinatra329d ago

How are you gonna do VR for a third person game, that doesn't even make sense?

greywolf39329d ago

Ok, We all know that thw game is in development for a long time. We have 2 videos from Capcom and they said the is doing fine. I dont need more teasers, Show a Little bit of gameplay and realease the fcking game already. I am waiting more for Re2 then Re7(Which was a good game, but Far from Resident Evil good IMO)

fisok329d ago

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zerocarnage329d ago

I'd love to see a resident evil game with more rpg elements such as some character levelling system and gear level systems as well as more in depth crafting. I mean capcom do a fine job with story and cinematics but have been saying it for a while that I would like to see more introduced in the way of features others than starting out at A and finishing the game at B and its your mission to just progress story.

I would also love to see capcom try there hands at a resident evil mmorpg and maybe a power card game also..

I still miss the residents evil outbreak series where if died you'd turn into a zombie and could hunt players down, plus it was 4 player co op..

jrshankill328d ago

Check out Raid Mode in Revelations 2 for levelling / crafting